Monday, November 7, 2011

Blackouts Across the Northeast

Nine days ago the Mid-Atlantic region and New England were struck with a freak snow storm. Across the region the power went down and homes went black. It lasted for days. Some homes in Connecticut and New Jersey still lack power.

No one has been willing to look the real problem in the eye.

Finally, this morning, the New York Post editorialized that the fault lies with a decrepit electricity delivery system.

Somehow or other, the government planners in Washington did not figure out that it might be a good idea to invest some money in improving the East Coast power grid.

Isn’t this just the kind of infrastructure investment that Democrats are obsessively touting?

Ideologues, idolaters and central planners in the Democratic administration are so entranced by the promise of environmentally friendly energy that they threw piles of money at solar energy companies while ignoring the decaying power grid.

The Post explains: “Yet Obama’s stimulus plan lavished $100 billion on green-energy projects -- nearly 15 times the amount spent replacing and reinforcing power lines, which actually serve customers and keep them out of the dark….

“But if the White House is going to throw taxpayer money around, wouldn’t it make a bit more sense to send some to areas like the East Coast, to bring its electricity-delivery system up to grade -- so that no one gets hit by another October surprise -- rather than waste it on ‘green’ energy companies that can’t cut it in the marketplace?”

Actually, it would not make more sense. The majority of the people who are suffering the effects of ill-invested stimulus funds will go out and vote Democratic in the next election, regardless.

If you are looking for justice, you might find some there.

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