Friday, November 4, 2011

South Park on Occupy Wall Street

The video speaks for itself. From your friends at the Daily Caller, this rendition of the Occupy Wall Street Protests:


Dennis said...

No matter how justified the cause radicals will take over and destroy the cause to the point that those who began it will not recognize it. The OWS is fast moving in that direction. At some point even the politicians that agree with the original protesters will have to crack down because their own political careers will be under attack by their constituents who begin to wonder just who does the Mayor owe his/her allegiance.
I would posit that these types of demonstrations have a shelf life that cannot be exceeded or the cause is lost.
One only has to look at successful protest to see that the original protest did not last that long and quickly moved to ground-root organizing to develop effective political action. Suffice it to say the longer it goes the more the movement will alienate large and larger numbers as is beginning to happen now.
Are we paying attention to the cause or all of the violence, rape, et al?

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Of course, you're right. Youthful enthusiasts do not know how to organize anything, so their protest will soon be coopted by radical organizers who do. It's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

From one scene:

Cartman: “Don’t you get it, Mom? People voted for Obama, and now that everything sucks they have to blame me!”

Stuart Schneiderman said...