Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christians Persecuted in Egypt

In a way it’s not mysterious at all.

John Hinderaker joins Charles Jacobs in reporting on a story that has not made its way into the mainstream media. Isn’t it mysterious, Hinderaker suggests, that no one is reporting on the persecution of Christians in Egypt?

In a way, it isn’t mysterious at all. The liberal media is completely invested in the fantasy of the Arab Spring. It believes and wants us to believe that the enlightened leadership of Obama and Clinton has brought liberal democracy to the Middle East.

(It’s a corollary to the story of how much better things are in Iraq now that the occupying forces have left. Today, as Iraq seems  headed for civil war, it is only be a matter of time before the Obamaphiles blame it on the Bush Administration.)

Apologists for the Arab Spring have sent their own Tweedledum and Tweedledee—that would be Tom Friedman and Nick Kristof—to Egypt to report on how the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is filled with nice people, just like you and me.

The truth lives elsewhere.

Charles Jacobs raises the alarm: “Christian persecution is spread throughout the Middle East…. Christians are under siege in Iraq. In Syria, they are clasping tight to Bashir al Assad as a sort of protector, and will be completely vulnerable if – or when – he falls. The Lebanese Christians are threatened by Hezbollah, and the Sudanese Christians lost millions to the Jihad over the last two decades. Christians (and Jews) have been thoroughly “cleansed” from Saudi Arabia already.”

One must continue to expose what Egypt’s Muslims are visiting on the Coptic community.

In this clip Coptic writer Cynthia Farahat testifies on what is happening in Egypt:

Also, here:

As Christmas approaches, we all have a duty to ensure that this story is disseminated as widely as possible. There is no excuse for not knowing. There is no excuse for hiding behind a mask of ignorance.

Anyone who has allowed himself to be duped into thinking that the Muslim Brotherhood is a force for peace, tolerance and liberal values deserves special opprobrium.

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n.n said...

For some reason, probably motivated by abundant wealth and power, the West is held to a higher standard. This is despite Islam's legacy of imperialism, oppression, enslavement, and simply discrimination that has exceeded 1000 years. It is notable today where Muslims are in the majority, or "well-intentioned" enablers provide them a pass for past and current misdeeds. Not even the enslavement, torture, coerced conversion, and murder of black Africans is sufficient to merit a top story.

As I recall, the Koran orders the faithful to force conversion, and failing that, to dominate unbelievers. It's no wonder that left-wing regimes have found favor with Islamic extremists.

Utterly insane!

There are no people who are free from sin. However, there are few that match the long-running prosecution of sin by Islam and strictly "secular" societies, especially those who realize their faith in totalitarian ideology (e.g. communism, socialism, fascism).

Did I mention this is utterly insane?

Apparently, the statute of limitations is also selective and very profitable.

Oh, Kim Jong-il is dead. Long live the mortal god.

Anyway, the people prosecuting these uprisings are either incompetent or harbor malevolent intent. There was a reason why Mubarak resisted stepping down. There was a reason why Gaddafi did not leave. There is a reason why Assad is willing to start a civil war. There is a historic dynamic which rules that land, and Islam neither unites nor moderates.

What a mess.