Sunday, December 4, 2011

Trolling for Jewish Votes

With an election fast approaching Barack Obama is out trolling for Jewish votes. Or better, he’s trolling for Jewish money.

Last week he came to New York and announced that he has done more for the security of Israel than any other American president.

How gullible do you have to be to believe such a thing? Those who are willing to believe just about anything have found an enabler in Barack Obama. He is, after all, an unusually good liar.

On Obama’s watch, while he was conducting American foreign policy, Iran has gotten stronger and three American allies in North Africa have been replaced by Islamist governments allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and/or al Qaeda.

With Hezbollah firmly in control in Lebanon and Turkey having gone over to the Islamist side, Israel is not more secure than it was four years ago.

With friends like Obama, you don’t need enemies.

And now, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, speaking for the administration, has openly blamed the Israelis for the lack of progress on the phantom Middle-East peace talks. Panetta wants the Israelis to make concessions for peace. He and his president want Israel to give up whatever they can in order to get closer to a chimerical peace.

Barry Rubin analyzes the new policy and correctly declares it to be appeasement.

In truth, the Obama administration has worked hard to advance the goals of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.  Hamas shoots thousands of rockets into Israel and the Obama administration implores Israel to appease the Palestinians.

As we should have expected, Jeremiah Wright’s ex-parishioner is the best friend the Palestinians have ever had in the White House.

And then there is the matter of Howard Gutman. Having been appointed Ambassador to Belgium because he raised a lot of money for the Obama campaign, Gutman stood before a conference last week and blamed Muslim anti-Semitism on… you guessed it… the Jews.

He was merely echoing the Palestinian and Arab party line. If there were no conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians Muslim anti-Semitism would be substantially diminished.

Pity the poor Muslims. They have to suffer the indignity of seeing a few million Jews living in their midst. And their third world states have been shamed by the extraordinary success of Israel.

Gutman may not know it, but his thinking, such as it is, amounts to saying that if the Jews were eliminated from the Middle East, there would be no more anti-Semitism. It’s so logical, how come no one thought of it before?

Actually, all of the Arab regimes in the region have thought of it. They have all eliminated the Jewish communities that had lived in their midst for centuries.

Arab countries know that they cannot defeat Israel in any real competition, so they rely on useful idiots like Howard Gutman to do their bidding.

Keep in mind that Howard Gutman, like Leon Panetta, speaks for the Obama administration. He also speaks directly for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Failing to hold Arab cultures accountable for their vicious anti-Semitism is a national disgrace.

Newt Gingrich has stated that Gutman ought to be fired. We will soon see whether the Obama administration is ready to throw him under their proverbial bus.

And yet, perhaps inadvertently, Gutman was merely giving voice to the guiding principle of the Obama administration’s Middle East policy. After all, Obama’s opening gambit was to state that Jewish settlements were the major impediment to peace.

If you are a thinking person you might think that Barack Obama is going to be repudiated by Jewish voters. After all, the recent special election in New York’s 9th Congressional district pointed in that direction.

I think that Obama knows that it doesn’t much matter what he does about Israel or the Middle East. American Jews will turn out in large numbers to vote for him. All they need are a few talking points to repeat at cocktail parties.

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