Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jim Cramer's 10 Calamities

By now the prophets are polishing their crystal balls. The arrival of a New Year occasions a raft of predictions. Most of them are wrong; most of them are fun.

As though he were trying to throw cold water on the seasonal cheer, Jim Cramer just wrote a list of calamities facing the world financial markets.

Hopefully it’s not going to make Cramer the Grinch who stole your Christmas, but to my less-than-well-informed eyes, it looks concise, cogent and very grim.

Here are Cramer’s opening graphs:

“Memo to the world: Something better go right soon.

“Just for a moment, for one gloomy horrid moment, let me tick off everything that is going wrong:”

It’s well worth a read.

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