Sunday, January 1, 2012


Are you are worried about 2012?

Are you dreading the Mayan Apocalypse, now scheduled for 12-21-2012?

When you have those fears, remember this: If the Mayans were as smart as you think, they would still have a civilization.

They don’t.

It’s true, there’s a lot to worry about in 2012.

Supernatural events prophesized by superannuated civilizations should not be on the list.

Happy New Year

If you want an extra dose of happiness today, here’s Glenn Gould playing a Bach piano concerto. It’s my egift to one and all.


Tilda Tally-ho said...

Happy New Year! I discovered your blog only recently and immediately became a follower. I've already "shared" several posts on Facebook. Please keep up the good work!
My "local news" from southeastern PA blog doesn't hold a candle to yours but here's the link anyway:

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Thank you, Tilda. And a special thanks for including a link to your fine blog.

Robert Pearson said...

Happy New Year, Stuart! Thanks for all of your great blogging in 2011.