Saturday, January 28, 2012

Women Seeking Men

Women who are either looking for a partner or trying to take the temperature of a current relationship should pay very close attention to Susan Walsh’s valuable advice.

In a recent post on her blog Hooking Up Smart Walsh provides a checklist of the green lights that tell you to move forward. If those signs are absent you would do well to hesitate before getting more involved in a relationship.

The list is especially valuable because it will, when used properly, help women to overcome the tendency, engrained in our culture, to think that true love will solve everything.

If love is blind, Walsh’s list will hopefully open your eyes.

For those who believe that love, in and of itself, is all you need to have a great relationship I will share my own observation. The four scariest words I have ever heard from a woman are: “But I’m in love.”

Here’s a link to Walsh’s post. It is as good a set of relationship guidelines as I have ever seen.


Susan Walsh said...

Thanks so much, Stuart. I appreciate the nod of approval, with link!

Bizzy Brain said...

If I were a woman, I would pay no attention to Susan Walsh's advice. It makes some sense on the secular level, but the most important attribute a man can bring to a relationship is a strong, non-hypocritical belief in the God of the Bible. He may be a nerd and a bore and unkempt and be rejected for any number of other reasons, but a man with all those "fine" qualities may not turn out to be not so fine if he doesn't have a strong spiritual foundation.

Phil L. said...

Biz, maybe you should get into the habit of doing a little proofreading. Your last sentence should leave out the first not.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

And how do you know whether he has a strong non-hypocritical belief in God?

Do you think that he would lack the qualities of good character and still be a man of faith?

Frankly, I still think that women should pay close attention to Susan's advice. It is generally a bad idea to think that one single quality will erase all flaws and defects. If two people have no real affinity and no real chemistry their faith will not get them through a marriage.

Phil L. said...

Great article by Susan Walsh. Does such a man exist who meets all the qualifications? Probably very few out there, and most likely would be a Christian. I'm an older man, currently married to my fourth wife, and admittedly don't meet all the standards. What I've found is that the best men are widowers. A one wife widower beats me all to hell when it comes to being good relationship material.

filipino singles said...

Good Relationship tips by Susan. But I was wondering, why would single girls, that are friends of mine, not want to see me in a relationship? That makes absolutely no sense. That’s like saying “I wish you the best, but I would never like to see you happy!”

african woman said...

Great relationship tips!
The question would be does a man like these still exist? I doubt it! Well, I'm not that so pessimistic but basing upon today's generation it's really hard to find someone like that.

Anyways, your point of view is really amazing! I just hope I can meet someone like that which will really love me for what I am and who I am.

Unknown said...
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Shilpa Sharma said...
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