Monday, February 20, 2012

Gone With the Wind

Here's a trailer for a new film called Windfall. Directed by Laura Israel it presents the truth about wind power. Apparently, it's not quite as idyllic and pastoral as the environmentalists would have you believe.

Via Althouse.


n.n said...

The truth is indeed "green" and it is either a cause or effect of our foreign and domestic policies.

The great majority of oil consumed in America is sourced from the Western hemisphere. The use of resources should be diversified and application specific.

People have been educated with an irrational fear of nuclear processes.

Nuclear Power in the World Today

There isn't just one technology and they are in every respect superior to wind-powered turbines.

The "green" technologies are only suitable for limited, circumstantial distribution.

Dennis said...

This is not to count the number of birds who get killed by these monstrosities. Then if one counts the animals who live on these birds it is an environmental disaster which works its way through the food chain.
Too bad that most people who call themselves "green" are actually "red" on the inside. It should be a point well taken that this should be called the "greed" revolution because a significant number of these people have no idea what nature is or is not.
There is little reason for an energy in this country except power and politics.

Dennis said...

Energy crisis.

Nick said...

When I drove through the west Texas desert only about 5% (less even) were actually spinning.