Friday, February 3, 2012

Obama on His Knees

At the National Prayer Breakfast the other day President Obama stated the following: “I have fallen on my knees with great regularity…”

Was Obama making a Freudian slip? Was he expressing a wish for better knee pads?

I report, you decide.


n.n said...

Obama is an opportunist -- as are his supporters -- serving special interests, both foreign and domestic. He has not demonstrated that he serves the American people. He has not demonstrated a respect for individual dignity, which I understood to be the foundation of his purported Christian faith. And confirms this with his statement that human life is a burden. He escaped reality through ingesting drugs and alcohol at a younger age, and there is evidence suggesting that he never fully recovered. The rest is merely a game until mortality claims its next victim.

vanderleun said...

It's pretty clear to me who wears the strap-on in his family.

Tilda Tally-ho said...

"Oh, night divine..."