Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Dennis said...

The answer is simple: American universities have for years, since being taken over by 60's radicals, not been a place of intellectual inquiry. They graduate large numbers of people who have not had to think for themselves. Other than the propaganda force fed into them by a faculty that isn't conversant with the "marketplace of ideas," what is there that has prepared them for a life of independent thought?
It is impossible to read much of what comes out of academe and not wonder that these are the people who want to be our betters. Just to think that some how having an education makes one better than others ought to horrify them, but does not.
Education is a tool and does not necessarily equate to intelligence or any other ability that gives one the right to assume that there are people who are inferior.
One would think that it is hard enough to live one's life without trying to run others? Only a corrupt education environment can create the intellectual stagnation we see running rampant throughout the American culture. I am still allowed to believe there is an American culture????