Saturday, August 11, 2012

Repressing Feminine Sexuality

It’s another sad chapter in sexual repression.

This time its feminine sexuality that is being repressed, by NBC Sports. Link here.

Apparently, NBC was so sensitive to the complaints of feminists like Erin Gloria Ryan—see yesterday’s post—about their depiction of healthy young female bodies with sex appeal that they have taken down their video: “Bodies in Motion.”

You can still see it on the Jezebel post I linked in my comments yesterday.

Let’s call it censorship, because that is what it is. We are not in a world of free and open discussion and debate. We are in the world of petty tyrants imposing their viewpoint and censoring anything that might threaten it.

In today’s America we have teenage girls trying to emulate anorectic fashion models. We have teenage girls texting pictures of their private parts to God-knows-whom. We have young women wanting to learn how to make love like porn stars. We have feminists telling young women to get in touch with their inner slut. We have women marching through the streets in their underwear proudly taking ownership of the word—slut. And we are going to have a feminist-led national debate about the vagina.

And feminism is up in arms about a female beach volleyball player’s bikini-clad butt.

Because, according to feminist dogma a woman cannot be both sexually attractive and professionally successful. If a man’s eye lingers an instant too long on a woman’s feminine curves he is depriving her of her dignity, dignity she earned in the swimming pool or in the office.

In reality these female athletes, who are neither anorectic nor aspiring porn stars present a positive image of feminine sex appeal.

Why do feminists find this so offensive?

Don’t they know that most of the other images of the female body that are flooding the media are either unattractive or vulgar or both?

In making the issue either/or—if you see a woman as a sensual being you are disrespecting her professional achievements—feminists are forcing women to choose between unsexing themselves or making their sexuality cheap and vulgar.

Of course, they are really two sides of the same coin. Young women who are told that they must not enhance their positive sex appeal end up having to cheapen it… for fear that, otherwise, no one will notice.


Sam L. said...

Feminists clearly hate other women. Likely themselves as well.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I think that that is the great secret behind all of this.

Anonymous said...

You know what I think?

Ryan must be fat.

n.n said...

We have progressed past the age of reason and reasonable.

Noticing feminine curves is not equivalent to exploiting the image or dignity of a woman. Some of us... probably most of us are capable of appreciating aesthetics without it serving to reduce the intrinsic value and dignity of the individual. It's called self-moderating behavior (or temperance), which is increasingly in short supply.

That said, I wonder what feminist think about the left-wing campaign to normalize involuntary exploitation. If there was ever a universal effort to objectify human beings, then that would certainly be it... disposable and interchangeable from conception to grave.

Sam L.:

I have had that thought as well. At best, they can be described as inconsistent. For example, their support for elective abortions serves to devalue human life and diminish the unique responsibility of the mother (but also the father). Then there is this expressed concern for untoward expression of feminine sexuality, but nary a condemnation of the sexual revolution, which was a mostly successful effort to objectify women and men, but mostly women.

Frankly, as many inconsistent and downright incompatible positions held by left-wind ideologues, I am surprised that their various movements have not simply collapsed under the strain of a progressive paradox. There must be a lot of money to maintain their integrity.

Dennis said...

Why would any group degrade themselves by becoming "sluts," defining themselves by their vaginas, and generally debase almost everything that is or has the appearance of femeninity et al? Is it a self loathing at being a woman that drives this desire to degrade almost everything they do? Why would they take something as beautiful as love between a man and a woman and turn it into nothing more than an act between two animals copulating?
If one stands apart from it for a while it seems to be ugliness personified by those who cannot see the beauty and joy of life. Every emotion is a negative one. One might suspect that some of these people never got positive reinforcement in their lives so they began to need that negative reinforcement to replace the hole in their hearts.
Did you ever wonder why feminists hate things like the Olympic Games especially the portion featuring women? Feminists just need to denigrate these young women's accomplishments, one of which is to represent this country. It would seem that Feminists just cannot allow themselves to be proud of these fine upstanding representatives of their gender and this nation.
Hatred becomes an all consuming master to those who can never see the good in their fellow human male or female.