Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hallelujah! It's Raining Vibrators

I have it on excellent authority that in the great cosmopolitan metropolis of New York it is decidedly not raining men.

Apparently, this is bad for the condom business.

The folks at Trojan did not despair. They saw an opportunity and came up with a solution: they would give away free vibrators on the streets of Manhattan… starting this afternoon.

They tried the give-away yesterday but did not have the proper permits, so they got shut down.

Well they are up and vibrating this afternoon, so here’s a link that will show you where to go to get yours.

They are giving away 10,000 sex toys for free.

Of course, only one question remains: are vibrators covered under Obamacare? Are they free or do they require a copay? Think what you will, vibrators are foolproof contraception.

If the lines are long those who are waiting can prepare themselves by listening to a song by a group called The Weather Girls: “It’s raining men.”

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