Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Accomplishments

Now that she is about to leave the political stage Hillary Clinton is being embraced and fawned over by the media.

It has been left to Ann Althouse to ask the only relevant question about Hillary’s political career, first as United States Senator; second, as Secretary of State:

My question: Has Hillary Clinton ever registered an actual accomplishment? She's been given some positions of responsibility, and now she's stepping down (perhaps to return). But tell me: What are her achievements, if any?


Dennis said...

Another interesting question is, "What has Hillary Clinton done in her life, outside of graduating from college, that was not built on Bill Clinton's political skills and power?" It would seem that Hillary did it the "old fashion way."

Donald Sensing said...

Argh, I never thought I would speak favorably of H. Clinton, but I can think of one thing. The administration, to its credit, has turned America's security emphasis away from Old Europe toward the Pacific far rim and the Asian subcontinent. This is frankly decades overdue. No matter what federal office (such as DOD) did most of the work, it's impossible for me to believe that the SecState, any SecState, could not have been deeply involved. It happened on her watch and so she should get at least some of the credit.