Monday, November 5, 2012

Israel Under Attack

A reality check from the Wall Street Journal.

Obama’s Middle East policy is emboldening the armies of hate.

Israel is under attack from Gaza:

As the U.S. Presidential campaign races to the finish, the Middle East continues to boil. Not that the world seems to notice. Last week, Palestinian terrorists operating from the Gaza Strip fired 21 rockets and mortars into Israel. That followed a three-day, 77-shell barrage, in which two civilians were seriously injured and thousands of people were forced into bomb shelters. More than 800 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel from the Strip in 2012.

Who’s in charge of Gaza? The Muslim Brotherhood, of course:

Gaza has been governed for over five years by Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has done little to restrain the fire. In July, former Hamas leader Khaled Meshal met Egypt's new President in Cairo. "We have entered a new era in Palestine's relationship with Egypt," Meshal said after the meeting. "We were happy with what we heard from President Mohamed Morsi and his vision to handle all these issues."

Thus far, the rockets have produced minimal damage. But, how does it happen that no one notices and no one cares? Better yet, why is the Obama administration is cozying up to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Were one to ask whether our administration has asked the new Egyptian government to use its influence to calm the situation on Israel's southern border  in exchange for good diplomatic relations, the answer must be No.

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GM Roper said...

There is no excuse for ANYONE with an open mind to NOT understand that the so called Arab Spring is Obamatalk for Israel's destruction. I am ashamed that the President of the United States would side with the forces of Islam against the ONLY real democratic ally in the Middle East. God help us all