Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Job Opportunities in Prostitution

Listen up, young ladies!

Now that you feel empowered by the Obama victory, it’s time to think ahead, to plan your future, to get going on that new career path.

Given your superior intelligence you’ve probably figured out that your degree in Women’s Studies is a career killer. Sorry about that. By now you cannot imagine ever making enough money to pay off your student debt?

Look at the bright side. You have more to offer than a piece of paper. Throughout your college years you have honed your skill at hooking up. You are what is called a “headmaster.”

Congratulations. No one can say that you didn't learn anything in college.

Thanks to the election, you know that when it comes to your sexual health, Barack has your back—or something— so you have a golden opportunity to actualize your liberation by trying out a new profession.

Why not: prostitution.

You might want it to be a part time job to earn some extra income while waiting on tables at the local bistro. You might even want to make it a career.

It’s a diverse community. There are job opportunities for women of every shape, size and color.

But, you will be thinking, you don’t know how to get into the business of hooking.

Fear not, your favorite website, Jezebel is there for you, ready to provide guidance into the strange new world of highly paid hooking up.

Few websites capture the mood of today’s young women like Jezebel. Yesterday, as a public service for young women living in the age of Obama, it offered a long, intricate, detailed article by a woman who calls herself, pseudonymously, Robin Hustle.

Hustle tells the ins and outs, the ups and downs of the world’s oldest profession. She offers valuable information about the tricks of the trade of turning tricks.

It’s news you can use.


Tilda Tally-ho said...

Or this...

By The Sword said...

Sex, illegal for men to buy but legal for women to sell.

Dragon Lady said...

Dragonlady's father, a crank and misogynist of the first order, (and a big fan of this site), is convinced that the occasional trick is how most young professional women (career girls) in NYC pay the way too high rent, when push comes to shove. Obama's patron, George Soros, is a major fan of legalizing prostitution across the globe. It happens anyway, with hard times, when your the value of your food stamps are inflated away.
Personally, I've only known one middle class woman, in London, in the 80s, who went that route after "giving it away" too many times. She cracked up shortly and ended up in a ba'al teshuva seminary in Jerusalem, becoming Orthodox and being helped into a reasonably appropriate marriage that has lasted 25 plus years. Not that that is a likely outcome in our times.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Good post. Don't tempt them though. They will strip at the drop of the hat (I needed the extra money, by babies are worth it) so prostitution won't be seen as a big jump. After all, it is just so sexy!!!!!!

n.n said...

Sure. Why not. There is a sub-cultural (or cult-ural) element which equates dating to prostitution and marriage to slavery (e.g. "barefoot and pregnant").

On a related note (i.e. cultural rot), were you aware of elective premature births justified by infringement of the mother's welfare or livelihood? Then there are multiple pregnancies in quick succession (i.e. cycles of less than one year), which endanger both the life of the mother and child. This shouldn't be a surprise, but it was when a local new station reported it yesterday. There really is no limit to degenerate behaviors.

The progression is quite clear. Perhaps this is what women and men really desire... benefits of a low energy state and the products and services made available by a high energy state. Perhaps some people perceive reality to conclude with their own mortal end.