Monday, December 15, 2014

Why Have We Forgotten Hannah Graham?

By now, everyone knows about Jackie. Everyone has read and commented on Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s story about Jackie’s supposed gang rape at the hands of seven UVA fraternity brothers. By now we all know that the story was mostly fabricated.

Victor Davis Hanson reminds us that Jackie’s story has completely eclipsed what happened to another UVA student, Hannah Graham:

At the University of Virginia, the administration seemed to react far more to the made-up story in Rolling Stone about fraternities as hotbeds of violent rape than to the actual murder of UV coed Hannah Graham (and others as well?). The suspect Jesse Matthew may be linked to as many as 10 rapes, murders and disappearances. The latter story should have been of far more interest to feminists since it suggested that a serial violent misogynist and rapist had been on the loose in the campus vicinity for years. There should have been more protests demanding beefed-up campus security and awareness programs in the local community. But then again Matthew did not fit the easy-targeted stereotype of a pampered frat boy using women as a sort of birthright. It is not good publicity for universities to publish the crime statistics of the communities that surround them; as recompense, it is smarter to assure students and parents that they are watchdogs of fraternities that they can sanction, since they are not watchdogs of more violent convicted felons  in their vicinities that they apparently cannot.

Too many people have been happy to repress a real rape/murder from consciousness.


Susan said...

I was wondering the same thing myself. Could it be, additionally, that this is a crime with a black perpetrator and a white victim?

JKB said...

Oh, hiding the Jesse Mathews has been going on for nigh on 15 years. News reports obscured the crimes and race. TV cops shows suddenly abandoned the street crime meme.

I had often wondered why we never saw the early seasons of Law and Order. A few months ago, a channel in the nose-bleed channels of Dish Network did run the first couple seasons, once. But now they are back in the 200+ episode numbers. Why, because the NYC shown as background is the graffiti covered, garbage strewn city of the '90s. And the stories are "ripped from the headlines" meaning there were a lot of subway and mugging crimes, instead of deviant upper East Side mysteries.

But this may be changing. Blue Bloods showed their first random mugging crime as a sub story. And the main story, random shootings the turn out to be a white man's revenge, ends with a target, a nurse, taking a shot at the guy. The key line, to tie the main and sub stories together was "I've worked as a nurse in this city's ERs for 20 years. I know what is out there. I'd be crazy not to carry a gun."

I don't watch a lot of the cops shows, but it has been a long time since I've seen one that went that gritty. Most keep the street/gang crime very distant or concentrate on the evil rich heir/privileged Yuppie stories.

Sam L. said...

Can't beat on it enough to fit "the narrative".

Lastango said...

"But then again Matthews did not fit the easy-targeted stereotype of a pampered frat boy using women as a sort of birthright."

There's a key word missing here: WHITE.

Matthews is black. As such, Marxist/feminists find it useless to demonize him for political purposes.

Dennis said...

For your edification:
I won't point out the obvious reason that almost everyone has commented on. All of these race and sex hustles are erected upon ignoring the true perpetrators.

Dennis said...

Sam L. Here is something that will answer a previous question you had about rape statistic.

This brought to you by "The factual Feminist" of which there are a number, but not in academe.