Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Improve Your Mental Health Today

Call this a public service, if you like. Otherwise, you can see it as an indication of some of the good advice that therapy has been offering people.

It’s not about medication. It’s not about insight. It’s not about introspecting or getting touch with your feelings. Yet, the advice that Time Magazine offers us will, almost assuredly, improve your mood and lift your spirits.

If you don’t believe me or Time, you can try a lot of it at home.

Some should be obvious, like… get in shape by doing regular exercise. Others-- improve your posture, stand up straight and proud… may seem less obvious. (For the record, if you want to improve your posture, one of the best ways is a regular Pilates class.)

Some of the others should be equally obvious: don’t let yourself be bullied; choose your friends well; talk to people face-to-face; don’t take so many pictures of everything you see; don’t multitask.

I am not going to elaborate on these. I have discussed many of them on various occasions. So, I provide the link. The link provides some advice and direction. For you to do what you will with it all.


Dennis said...

Don't become a feminist or any other "ism" that causes one to see life through the prism of that activism. One will surely be disappointed that most people live and see the world in a far different manner. I would suggest that feminism and most activism has a deleterious affect on the people who live it.

An interesting take: I would suspect that it affects more than feminism. When one gets so involved with any issue or cause it cannot help but have an affect, both physically and mentally, on one's on health and being. It is why I may read this blog every day, but I limit the amount of commentary I do. This because it is very easy to start to see people as less than they are as human beings who are flawed, but still capable of great things.
It does make me wonder if there are certain traits and attributes that are gained by the over involvement in activism. Seeing race, gender, et al through those prisms has to contribute to a lowered sense of mental health and being. How far has one fallen to see anyone who disagrees with them as the enemy or to take umbrage at anything that does not meet one's expectation as to how life should happen.
We have reached the point that we fail to see the good and concentrate only on the perceived bad. Life is pretty simply if one takes time to "smell the roses" so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Efforts to change the world to conform to an ideological vision are akin to Mission Impossible. One can win some battles along such lines, but not the war, since others are also trying to change the world to conform to a different ideological vision, and the world is nothing but the intersection of human attitudes and behaviors. The question is what conditions in the past cause these former children to adopt Mission Impossible?