Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama's Racial Preferences

Who does President Obama really care about?

Certainly not Kate Steinle, who was recently murdered by an illegal alien. The president has not said a word about her. No one from his administration has had the courtesy to contact her grieving family. Better yet, the head of his department of Homeland Security testified before a congressional committee yesterday that he did not know who she was.

Would any member of the Obama administration ever have said that he had never heard of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown?

Doesn’t this all smack of racial preferences? And doesn't it suggest that, for our ideologically committed president, if it doesn't fit his preferred narrative, it must be ignored?

And yet, while Obama and his representatives were refusing to acknowledge the death of Kate Steinle, he was sending personal letters to 46 criminals whose sentences he was commuting. Many of them, like the man who had murdered Steinle had committed non-violent drug offenses. One notes that for Obama, that includes drug trafficking.

Breitbart News reports:

Nearly two weeks after 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle was murdered on San Francisco’s Pier 14 by an illegal alien and convicted felon who was released from prison earlier this year, President Barack Obama has failed to contact the victim’s family or mention her in public. Yet Obama took the time to write (and release) 46 personal letters this month to felons imprisoned for non-violent drug offenses whose sentences he has commuted.

Like the 46 felons to whom Obama wrote, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had served time for non-violent offenses, some of them drug-related. After his arrest, Lopez-Sanchez, who had been deported five times to Mexico, confessed to shooting Steinle as she walked with her family at the popular tourist spot.


priss rules said...

Politics of sympathy.

It is never pure.

Jim Sweeney said...

The very hard truth is that blacks, even half-blacks like Obama, don't like whites any more than whites like blacks or half-blacks. In that, the races are equal.

Lincoln said that the races do not live well together as he tried to get Congress to return the freed slaves to Africa with some cash besides. It turned out that Lincoln was right and that we have a problem to which there is no known solution. Each that has been tried has failed. No blacks want to return to their homeland; no country wants or will accept them en masse and the notion of creating a mini-USA for blacks will never fly. I would gladly give blacks all of California and let them and the resident Hispanics figure out their own future.

There is no solution.

Sam L. said...

About those released:

The blacks I have met were mostly when I was in the service, and pretty much good people. In masses, given what the Dems have done to them and with them, many do seem to be messed up.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

More collateral damage. I'm sure Obama empathized with their misfortune, after his youth as a member of the Choom Gang.

Ares Olympus said...

Perhaps accidental death by firearm isn't that interesting? I mean it happens in America every day, although more by family members, and self-inflicted wounds.
From 2007 to 2011, the most recent data available, 14,258 children died as a result of gunshot wounds.

The circumstances range widely: accidental shootings by adults, kids who gained access to unsecured guns, gang violence, suicide and planned shootings like the incident at Reynolds High School on June 10, 2014.

The numbers work out to 7.81 deaths a day.

I wonder if W made mention of Cheney's accidental shooting of his hunter friend, of course no one died, and the victim apologized for getting in the way of the VP's gun, so all ended up ok there.
While Cheney did address the issue, admitting he was "the guy who pulled the trigger that fired the round that hit Harry," he didn't apologize. Instead, Whittington apologized upon his release from the hospital, where he was treated for a week.

"My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this past week," Whittington said.