Saturday, July 4, 2015

"We're Really Not There to Talk"

To celebrate July 4th, Dana Perino recounted an experience she had when she, as George W. Bush’s press secretary, met a group of Navy SEALs:

… a couple of SEALs came over to ask me if I was the press secretary and if they could get a photograph with me. As their buddy got his camera ready, I decided to make a little small talk.

“What made you want to become a Navy SEAL – family tradition, sense of adventure, chance to see the world, physical challenge?

“Oh no, ma’am, chicks dig it,” he said.

I then asked the second SEAL, “When you are preparing to go…wherever it is that you may be going. Do you have to take a lot of language courses?”

“Oh no ma’am…we’re really not there to talk.”



Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

"Chicks dig it."

Yep, the real reason men have been doing things since, oh, well... since the advent of manhood.

And the chicks still dig it.

I look at so many young men today, and they wouldn't know what to do when a bunch of uniformed military men walked in a room. These don't have to be SEALs. These could be G.I.s in the truest sense of the word. Airmen, Marines, soldiers, sailors, coast guardsmen. Women are attracted to men with purpose, men with confidence, men in a... uniform. Military men, firemen, policemen, hell... UPS drivers who do the heavy lifting, smile, and then ask for a signature. Hearts flutter. Why? Because he's a manservant? Huh? Someone else ordered the package. Naw... no way. He's doing his duty.

For all the therapy, feel-good nonsense, crying, hugging, sharing, whining, lamenting, etc., the fact remains... women like MEN. Real men.

What does that mean?

Men with a purpose. Men who have been tested. Men who chose to be tested. Men with scars. Men with a courageous attitude. Men who know who they are. Men who love their wives. Men who set an example for their sons and daughters. Men who defer to older men out of true respect. Men who do what their mother directly requests of them. Men who seat their mothers, then their sisters. Men who wait for women to get out of the elevator, and who apologize when they can't follow that protocol because of crowded circumstances. Men who take their hats off at professional sports games before the P.A. announcer "suggests" they do. Men whose eyes well-up in the face of another human being who has made an extraordinary sacrifice for something greater than himself/herself. Men who stand up for the weak. Men who drive thugs out of their neighborhood. Men who tell their sons to look others in the eye. Men who know that the woman they're with is another man's daughter. Men who question the young man who's dating their daughter. Men with a firm handshake. Men who pray. Men who are disciplined. Men who are fit. Men who back up their friends. Men who first back up their friends and then set their friend straight because he was being a jerk. Men who hold the door open or a lady. Men who bring an old lady's trash can from her curb to her garage. Men who know how to use a hat... a real hat. Men who can wear a tuxedo and know it's power. Committed men. Men who don't go out for hamburger, because there's steak at home.

Real men don't have to brag. Real men don't have to draw attention to themselves.

Chicks dig those kinds of men. And it is so sad to me that so many young women can't find those kinds of men. I hear the laments of young women regularly. They're not looking for Prince Valiant. Not superheroes, nor imposters. They're looking for men with manners, men with principles, men who follow a code.

Sounds like Dana Perino met some men who made an impression. Real men. And this just in: you don't have to be a SEAL to be a real man. You only believe that if you gaze into the Glowing Box too much. Any ordinary man can be a real man. That's who the vast, vast majority of real men are: ordinary.

Be your own hero.

Happy Fourth of July. Real men made that happen 249 years ago... at great risk, great sacrifice and great cost. said...

My brilliant and dear-late-friend, Prof. Jacqueline Perret, also a Brown Alum, lover of Princess Diana, once joked with me as we complained about our (more brilliant and scholarly) husbands inability to unclog drains, "my next husband will drive a muscle car."

Ruth P-G said...

Maybe she finally found him.

Sam L. said...

What Mr. Chesterton said so well!