Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter in Lahore, Pakistan

Easter Sunday. Lahore, Pakistan. Crowds of Christians and Muslims gather to celebrate the holiday in a park.

Then, an explosion. Dozens are killed. Hundreds are injured. The Taliban has decided that no one should ever celebrate a non-Muslim holiday in a Muslim country.

The Obama administration condemned the attack in the strongest terms. But, at the same time, our president has offered this, as John Hinderaker explains on the Powerline blog:

President Obama, meanwhile, warns us against “stigmatizing” Muslims. (To be fair, his precise reference was to Muslim-Americans, although the context was the Brussels bombings.) Actually, you and I have no ability to stigmatize Muslims. The problem is that a great many Muslims are stigmatizing themselves, by committing terrorist acts, by applauding terrorist acts and supporting terrorists, and by failing to take action against terrorists and terrorist groups. President Obama demands that we maintain the absurd fiction that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, on the theory that pretending will make it so. Unfortunately, it won’t.


Sam L. said...

Well, he SAYS he condemns it, yet does nothing. He only talks, and as we know, his talk is worth nothing most of the time, and little for the rest.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Here's the Easter celebration, ISIS style:

These people are barbarians... medieval filth. We need to get serious and destroy them.

I predict Obama will follow standard operating procedure and do... nothing.

Dennis said...

The part here is that the suicide bomber went to where the children were playing before he blew himself up. This is an example of the heinous actions Obama is prepared to accept. This is the new normal to Obama. Obama could not bring himself, at first, to admit it was perpetrated agains't Christians even though the terrorists stated it. Obama held to the fact that more believers in Islam were killed than Christians, but that misses the point of the actions by this terrorist group. The terrorist did not do this on Easter to celebrate an Islamic holiday.


Obama has decided, except for creating more damage to the country, to become what we in the military used to call ROADies, Retired On Active Duty. he will spend most of his time playing golf which I consider a good thing. The more he plays golf the less damage he can do to us.