Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Palestinian Terrorists Welcome Joe Biden to Israel

Yesterday Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Israel. Palestinian terrorists marked the occasion in their own inimitable way: they launched a series of terrorist attacks against Jews. In the process they murdered one American, a student from Vanderbilt University.

It was only the latest in a series of stabbing (and shooting and vehicular) attacks on Israelis perpetrated by Palestinians over a period of more than a year.

Katie Pavlich has the story:

On Biden's first day in the Jewish State, there were four separate terrorist attacks. Two people were killed, an Israeli and an American tourist, and 11 people were seriously injured. Since 2015, there have been hundreds of stabbings carried out by Palestinian terrorists against innocent men, pregnant women and grandmothers simply trying to get on the bus.

Only the most degenerate cowards go around stabbing women on the streets.

What does it mean that these attacks took place on the day that Joe Biden arrived in Israel? Surely, it has something to do with the fact that Barack Obama is the best friend the Palestinians have ever had in the White House. It might have something to do with the fact that the Obama administration has given the Palestinian paymaster, Iran, over $100 billion to finance their war against Jews.

At the least, the Palestinian terrorists did not believe that such actions would compromise their reputation. They most have believed that they would be advancing their cause. They knew that they would pay no price, with America or the world, for the horrors they perpetrate on innocent Jews every day.

When the topic came up at the White House press briefing yesterday, Josh Earnest was quick to take offense at the actions, while refusing to call Palestinian terrorism Palestinian terrorism.

Pavlich continues:

Despite these facts, the White House has refused to properly acknowledge the situation, not to mention the lack of a specific condemnation of Palestinians for their actions.

During the daily briefing Tuesday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest advised Israelis and Palestinians to continue working on a peace agreement.

"It has been the long standing policy of the United States that the tensions between the Israelis and Palestinians would be significantly reduced by pursuing a peace process that results in a democratic and secure Israel living side by side in peace and security with a viable, contiguous, prosperous Palestinian State," Earnest said. "We haven't made a lot of progress."

Although he acknowledged today's stabbing attacks, Earnest failed to mention who was behind them: Palestinian terrorists.

"These kinds of attacks are outrageous and are worthy of world wide condemnation. Targeting innocent civilians is not at all appropriate, of course, and is entirely inconsistent with the recognition of the way that human beings relate to one another even if they have significant difference of opinion. We condemn this kind of attack in the strongest possible terms.”

As the saying goes, talk is cheap. The attacks have not received world-wide condemnation because the United States has not led the world in condemning them. Calling them “not at all appropriate” is not a forceful condemnation: it’s mealy-mouthed and cowardly. Saying that the parties have a “significant difference of opinion” is to downplay the decades long and  ongoing terrorist assault on Israel. People who want to destroy Israel and to kill Jews do not have a “significant difference of opinion.”

The administration of Barack Obama has not condemned the Palestinian Authority or Hamas and has not demanded that they stop. To my knowledge European governments have had nothing to say, either.

The American government should demand that the Palestinian authorities put an end to these attacks and cease honoring those who perpetrate them. It should join with European states in an effort to cease sending financial aid to Gaza or the West Bank. It should declare that no negotiations will be possible until the terrorism stops.

In Israel, the citizenry is increasingly disinclined to accept a two-state solution. They are thinking more in terms of expelling the nation’s Palestinians than in making peace with people who have no interest in peace.


Ares Olympus said...

I wonder what Biden's mission is? Ah, appeasement tactics...
Biden’s mission is, in part, to advance long-running talks between the White House and the Prime Minister’s Office over a new multibillion-dollar, 10-year military aid package. Israel is asking for much more money than the Obama administration has been prepared to give, further straining exchanges between the two leaders.
The official said that the administration was offering Israel the largest single pledge of military aid in U.S. history — in effect daring Netanyahu to wait for a better deal.

I saw recently Thomas Friedman has recognized the futility of the "two state solution."
Start with Israel. The peace process is dead. It’s over, folks, so please stop sending the New York Times Op-Ed page editor your proposals for a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. The next U.S. president will have to deal with an Israel determined to permanently occupy all the territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, including where 2.5 million West Bank Palestinians live.
(blame all around)
They all killed the two-state solution. Let the one-state era begin. It will involve a steady low-grade civil war between Palestinians and Israelis and a growing Israeli isolation in Europe and on college campuses that the next U.S. president will have to navigate.

So isolation it is, but first we'll give them some weapons to ease our guilt, like good liberals do.

Sam L. said...

'Twas the Arabs who refused the two-state solution, and attacked Israel after encouraging all local Arabs to leave...and lost. And set up camps for those local
Arabs and refused to take them in. Since then, the Arabs have not missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity, have taught their children to hate Israelis, and have attacked them many times.

I have said this before: If the Israelis acted as they have been accused of acting, there would be no "Palestinians" and a whole lot fewer Arabs and Iranians alive.