Thursday, March 10, 2016

He Married a Feminist

Forget about Valentine’s Day. All you men out there will henceforth channel your gift-giving impulses to International Women’s Day. But, it is not just enough to send flowers for IWD; you must also do all of the household chores. If you fail to do so, your feminist significant other will exact significant punishment.

Take the case of Ionel Popa, a Romanian man who not only forgot to give his wife, named Marinela Berea flowers on International Women’s Day. To add insult to injury, he refused to do housework when she ordered him to do so.

Naturally, she punished his dereliction. Allow the Daily Mail to tell what happened next:

A Romanian woman tore off her husband's left testicle after he failed to give her flowers on International Women's Day and then refused to help with the housework.

Ionel Popa, 39, from Vaslui County in the north east of the country, was rushed to hospital with his scrotum torn open after his wife Marinela Benea, 40, launched a vicious attack.

The mother-of-one grabbed hold of her husband's testicles and pulled violently during the argument.

Mr Popa's left testicle was left hanging out of his scrotum after the skin was ripped apart.

He was forced to undergo emergency surgery to repair the damage and remains in a stable condition. 

Following the incident, Ms Benea said she did not know her own strength, adding that her husband deserved what had happened to him. 

She said: 'Ionel had been given a bottle of wine for a day’s work instead of getting paid, and had arrived home drunk. 

'When he gets drunk, he changes. All night he made me keep the fire on because he was cold and I did it to avoid having an argument.

'In the morning I opened the curtains and told him to go out and do some work, or at least to help with the household chores but he shouted that I’m not entitled to give him orders.

'I told him he was not any kind of man and I grabbed his testicles. 

The moral of the story: don’t marry a feminist!


Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

My wife told me it was International Women's Day. Not in a direct way to elicit a response or action, but as a matter of fact. It seemed odd to me, and she said she thought it was stupid, too.

Then I said, "Every day is women's day."

Dumb move. Fortunately, I just got a roll of the eyes. Sounds like Mr. Popa is the latest recipient of the John Wayne Bobbitt treatment, with his phallus still intact. Different compartment of the male anatomy.

Crazy. But we all need to be more empathetic and understanding, don't we? I wonder what "active listening" would've done for the Romanian couple's relationship.

Ares Olympus said...

Somehow I don't think we need feminism as an excuse.

I might use this as evidence that men and women are more or less equal in their willingness to use violence, and rationalize it as deserved.

I can't tell but assume IAC's comment about empathy, understanding and "active listening" is sincere. At least Stuart doesn't have a high opinion of it:
Anyway, Bernstein has found an expert named Graham Bodie who counsels something he calls “active listening.” Since listening is fundamentally a passive activity, performed through the ear, the phrase “active listening” is a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron.
One is not surprised to see, yet again, that eminent psychologists do not know how to define concepts. Let’s think it in terms of active engagement.
Bodie’s notion of good communication is based on the kind of therapy that I hope people have had enough of.
If you want to solve problems and if you want to help people to solve problems in their lives the one thing you do not want to do is to help them to work through their feelings. You want to help them to take a step back, to evaluate all of the information in as objective a way as possible and to think through the different options and the different possible outcomes.

At least for me if it a choice between violence and "talking about violence", I'll take the second and listen very carefully. Like when Trump says "I'd like to punch him in the face..."

You can work with that sort of aggression and ask for clarification "I hear you saying you'd like your audience to punch him in the face." And he can clarify "No no, I was just joking around, didn't mean it literally. I was just frustrated."

And you can say "I hear you're frustrated."

And Trump could say, "Yes, almost as much as a Romanian housewife with a drunkard husband, but not quite that much."

Feeling are important to be expressed, clarified before we react unconsciously and someone gets hurt.

Especially if you'll soon have the nuke codes.