Monday, May 30, 2016

Puppy Love

For those who did not quite understand why otherwise normal human beings would want to live their lives as dogs and puppies, Portland State University has held a workshop.

As the Daily Caller explains, this form of puppy love is yet another fetish for those who have been sexually desensitized by living in our new American pornotopia:

Portland State University sponsored a workshop on the “human Puppy community” — a type of sexual fetish where people identify and live their lives as dogs.

Video of the event shows an instructor telling students never to pull the tail of a human puppy because “a lot of tails are butt plugs.”

The February workshop which was held as part of the taxpayer-funded university’s annual “Sex Week,” featured two men in BDSM-style canine outfits, walking around the room on their hands and knees, growling and sniffing each other’s rear ends while their “handler” explained the ins-and-outs of their relationship.

Puppies have a social organization, a status hierarchy, but are somewhat circumspect about opening their doors to people who want to be cats, pigs and rats:

That article described how “Pup Turbo” leads a “pack, whose hierarchy includes beta and omega pups, a barking order he keeps in place with a soft touch and familial nudge.” He identifies as “Pup Turbo” on his public Facebook page, which has more than 350 followers.

In the video, one student can be heard asking if its possible to live as a “kitty” rather than a puppy. The instructor answers yes, noting he met “a pig once,” and that there’s “a rat in Seattle.”


Sam L. said...

Keeping Portland Weird, as the bumper sticker commands.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Pretty soon it's not going to be enough to tolerate "Portland Weird." We're going to have to embrace and then celebrate it, lest the snowflakes sense micro-aggressions.

Is this some sort of faux bestiality, or at least the costumed fantasy?

I suppose if you identify as a canid, you are one. Portland State will be court-ordered to have kennels as an alternative to dorm life.

JPL17 said...

Yes, but which bathroom(s) do we have to let them use?

Oh that's right -- we'll know when the All-Wise Obama Administration tells us.

Ares Olympus said...

This seems to be the group:
PDX-PAH was founded on December 6 2012, by Daddy Dan White and Christian “Pup Alex” Hagner. The club is memory of Steven “Slave Eris” Johnson who dreamed of the pack we now have, but who never saw it come of age. March 14 1990 to December 06 2012 (our birthday). With his last breath he gave us life. Arrrooooooo!

So now we know. Is this what culture turns into when people feel complete safety to "be themselves"? Anyway, it's a good thing we have Stuart and the tea party to bring these things to light.

JPL17 said...

"Anyway, it's a good thing we have Stuart and the tea party to bring these things to light."

What on earth are you knocking Stuart for? Do you / would you also ignore the oil pressure gauge in your car, your airplane's altimeter, your boat's depth gauge, and every other gauge telling you to change course now or die? "Pup Alex" may be a joke to you, but he's one of many signs of not-so-far-off societal collapse.