Saturday, May 21, 2016

Quotation of the Day

From Jonah Goldberg:

That is one of Trump’s greatest accomplishments. He won by declaring the political class morally bankrupt and craven, and as a reward the political class proved him right.


Ares Olympus said...

Goldberg: I keep saying this, but no one seems to believe me: My vote doesn’t matter. What matters, at least to me, is that I can sleep with a clear conscience.

I understand this logic, but I see degrees of conscience:
1) Abstention - symbolically refuse to vote for anyone.
2) Protest - symbolically vote for Gary Johnson who can't win.
3) Hedge - symbolically vote for Clinton as the lesser of two evils.
4) Betrayal - advocate and vote for Clinton to make sure Trump doesn't destroy the Republican party.

What keeps confusing me is I have to remember that George W. Bush was an idiot, or at least half the wisdom and competence of his Father, and we survived that. While Trump is not an idiot. He's a showman giving people what he thinks they want.

And if a strong plurality people want to tear apart this country into revolution and civil war, Trump will give it to us.

States rights may soon be a bipartisan issue, depending on how things go down.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Good to see Jonah coming around to what we citizens have known for some time. Jonah is a smart and witty up-and-comer, but it appears he and Steve Hayes have been playing a bit too much heed to their mentors. The politicians, academics and media types have amply demonstrated these past 9 months that they have no idea what is happening outside Washington, D.C.

Ares Olympus said...

Matt Taibbi says Trump is destroying the republican party, but really it's the voters who are using Trump to destroy the GOP. Is there a way for Conservatives to get the message of Trump supporters without swallowing the poison koolaid that is Trump?
Having not recently suffered a revolution or a foreign-military occupation, Americans haven't seen this phenomenon much, but the effortless treason of top-tier Republicans once Trump locked up the nomination was the most predictable part of this story. Politicians, particularly this group, are like crackheads: You can get them to debase themselves completely for whatever's in your pocket, even if it's just lint.

That's why the first rule of any revolution is to wipe out the intellectuals. Trump is surely already dreaming of the vast logging camp he will fill with the Republican thinkfluencers who are at the moment making a show of being the last holdouts.

The modern economic success story that made Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" was a lie. He didn't know it, but what Reagan was selling is ever-growing debt as prosperity, and easy money makes for easy pickings for the wealthy to throw their money and credit into bull markets that made them more money, while they exported American jobs for cheaper labor and renewed cheap fossil fuels from the rest of the world.

The only tool left for voters is to "Make the Federal Government incompetent again."

But no one can seriously believe in Trump's "Winning" means anything except for more winning for people like himself.

If Obama was the false prophet for the Left, then Trump is an even greater false prophet for the Right. The only way Trump can change the flow of wealth is to become an authoritarian president who will act more like a socialist than the socialists, passing out free candy until the credit runs dry.

So Sanders' redistributive Socialism or Trump's authoritarian Socialism, we're on the path of Venezuela on our way to the poor house as economic growth whithers by economic reality of a one-time global economic mega boom and bust cycle.

Voting will always be symbolic, and we already know 40% of Americans will stay home on election day, so their conscience-free vote of no responsibility between evils.