Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rape Culture in Sweden

When in doubt, blame the women. That’s what people think in that Feminist Socialist Paradise called Sweden. If women are as powerful as feminists think they are, they must be responsible for what happens to them.

Wondering why their country has become the rape capital of the Western world, Swedes set out to understand the problem. Note the difference. They did not look to solving the problem. They just wanted to understand it. It sounds like a page from the therapy culture chapbook.

The Express explained:

SWEDISH police have blamed Scandinavian teenage girls’ “Nordic alcohol culture” and Western behaviour for a steep rise in sex attacks carried out by migrants.

The damning police report, which is looking at why Sweden has the worst rates of physical and sexual violence committed against women and girls in Europe, has also excused refugees who it says “cannot handle the alcohol”.

Shockingly, the report revealed the majority of sex attack victims were under the age 15.

Police also admitted the majority of attacks have taken place in public places had been committed by migrants.

But it says refugees might not be able to “handle the alcohol” and simply feel “horny” and have “ignorance of the consequences for the girls”.

The report also warns that girls in Sweden are called “whores” and abused for “their clothes” which leaves many too scared to walk the streets.

Think about it: these devout Muslims, whose religion forbids them to consume alcohol, are drinking up a storm in Sweden. But then, they are really impious Muslims and should not be using their religion as an excuse.

Apparently, these impious young Muslims are not merely incapable of handling their liquor. They do not know how to treat women, especially hot Nordic women. For which they receive the sympathy of the Swedish police.

Inadvertently, the report shows why rape culture thrives in Sweden. The pusillanimous socialistic feminist Swedes refuse to blame those who perpetrate these crimes. They think it can all be handled through better education, because, after all, these poor refugees come from a culture that does not respect women. (As a sidelight, Angela Merkel's Germany is now attempting to solve its refugee problem by re-education. Good luck with that.)

Whatever happened to the notion that ignorance of the law is no excuse?

It’s like what happens in our country when members of minority groups commit crimes and the commentariat rushes out to blame it all on guns or on poverty or on white police officers. Rarely, if ever to they blame it on the criminals. In the national conversation about crime, here as in Sweden, criminals are not held accountable and are not treated like criminals.

Surely, this attitude toward crime does not promote good behavior.

In America, of course, the criminal justice still functions and does punish many of those who perpetrate such crimes. And yet, the national conversation has been trying to persuade everyone that they are not really responsible and need to be released from prison as soon as possible. After all, Democrats need the votes.

Speaking of Sweden and of how much this feminist country respects women, if it allows its women to be raped with impunity does not respect women very much either. As I have often noted, in this multicultural socialist paradise people are willing to sacrifice their wives, mothers and daughters to the predations of Muslim men. Being neo-pagan multiculturalists they are down with human sacrifice.

It’s time for Sweden and the other socialist feminists in Europe to wake up and punish men who rape women. These men should be prosecuted, imprisoned and deported. It’s long past time for them to figure out that the open-arms refugee policy is a suicide pact.


Dennis said...

Feminism has truly worked out well wherever it is tried. Soon women will have NO privacy or respect. "You've come a long way baby!" You have now become everything you said you did not want to be. What surprises me is, like minorities, you continue to vote for the people who put you this dangerous place.
I am not sure where women expected to be when the choice is another vote for those who seek power or them. PC dictates that the new "victim group" gets the win. Besides the fact you have already justified their low opinion of you by continually voting for them.
It would seem that most people cannot recognize that we are being separated into smaller and smaller groups who have less and less power over their own lives and situations. What better way to keep us from working together to control our own destinies.
I have often wondered why people never seem to understand the ramifications of ideas even when others are "shouting in the forest" to tell them. It would seem centuries of making the same mistakes seems to elude them. an example: Where did you think PC was ultimately going to end" Maybe , as Ray Bradbury intimated, by burning books. Is that not what we are doing by shouting down those who disagree and the fear of other's ideas?

Dennis said...

Just another thought here. There is some justice in the fact that almost everything one uses agains't others will eventually be used agains't them. What feminists utilized agains't their own men is now being used to justify the actions of immigrant men. Be careful on how you treat others on the way app the ladder because you may need them on the way down.

Ares Olympus said...

Stuart: It’s time for Sweden and the other socialist feminists in Europe to wake up and punish men who rape women. These men should be prosecuted, imprisoned and deported.

While we're worried about Muslim refugees in Sweden, apparently New York is also a dangerous place for innocent little girls, like feminist Jessica Valenti asserts, although she doesn't mention the race of the perpetrators:
The two worst times for dicks on the New York subway: when the train car is empty or when it’s crowded.
On the worst day – a few years later – I didn’t notice the man at all. The train was crowded; my mind was elsewhere. ... When I stepped out of the subway, the sun hit my face and I was happy to be almost home. But when I started to put my hand in my back pocket, I felt something wet: I had made it the whole ride back without noticing that a man, whose face I would never see, had come on me.

I wiped my hand on the lower leg of my jeans and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. I walked the three blocks home with my backpack slung as low as possible, so that no one walking behind me could see what had happened or could think I had peed myself.
Later I would find out that the guy rubbing up on you in the subway isn’t just an asshole – he has a disorder. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the American Psychiatric Association describes “frotteurism” as “recurrent, intense, or arousing sexual urges or fantasies, that involve touching and rubbing against a nonconsenting person”. There are online forums for men – because, let’s be real, frotteurs are almost exclusively men – who rub on women and girls on the train, in bars, wherever they can do it while getting off unnoticed.
My daughter is five and I want to inoculate her against this. I want Layla to have her father’s lucky genes – genes that walk into a room and feel entitled to be there. Genes that feel safe. Not my out-of-place chromosomes that are fight‑or-flight ready.

So Stuart is certainly correct, these men, whatever their age or race or upbringing, need to be prosecuted, imprisoned, and if they are not a New York native, deported, perhaps to New Jersey?

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...
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Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Feminists are universally Leftists. With Leftists, you follow the rule of "Who is most oppressed?" Those of the "Nordic alcohol culture" don't stand a chance in that contest. Ever heard of the Vikings? The chickens are coming home to roost, as one eloquent pastor said. Always follow the oppressor/oppressed narrative for guidance... it'll never let you down. These Swedish girls don't stand a chance. They're just going to toughen up and take it. More collateral damage.

It's effectively the same thing when Rev. Wright's protege takes a trip to Asia. Obama stops in Japan and sends his "regrets" about dropping the A-bomb at Hiroshima. Regret? He's effectively saying he regrets the real possibility that there would've required the ultimate sacrifice of 1 million U.S. men to subdue the Japanese mainland through conventional means.

From 1931-45, the Japanese Empire killed 17 million people, mostly Asians. The Japanese have never issued an unqualified, sustained, honest apology for anything they did in World War II. Prime Minister Abe has no plans to visit Pearl Harbor.

Obama is a disgrace. We're regularly told to not criticize our president when he is on foreign soil, yet our president is allowed to criticize the nation he supposedly represents.

Is Barack Obama going to make a trip to Richmond and apologize for Grant's gruesome attrition strategy to win the War Between the States? Can't wait to see that speech.

Perhaps these Sweish girls are the Muslim equivalent of "Comfort Women," and are thus fair game under convenient interpretations of the Koran and Sharia Law.

More collateral damage.

Sam L. said...

I blame the Swedish Bikini Team.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Indeed, Sam L., or the Absolut corporate culture that supports said bikini team.

Part of the "Nordic alcohol culture," no doubt. Given how Hillary feels about tobacco and guns no doubt Absolut is the multinational conglomerate responsible for all this!

Cap 'em in irons! Aargh!