Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Stabbings in Multikultistan

One understands that the Gatestone Institute, whose report was referenced in my last post, seems to be less than an objective observer. For those who prefer their data raw, here are some stories from today’s paper.

More stabbings in Multikultistan, beginning with Germany:

A psychologist working for the German Red Cross has been stabbed to death by a Syrian man at a counseling centre for refugees in the western state of Saarland.

The charity said the attack took place on Wednesday in the state capital, Saarbruecken.

The 27-year-old Syrian attacked the Red Cross psychologist following an argument, German news agency dpa reported. The suspect, who wasn't identified, was arrested shortly after the attack.

The 30-year-old psychologist had been working for the Red Cross since 2014, helping people who had experienced trauma begin lives.

The shocking incident comes after an attack on Sunday that saw a five-year-old child stabbed to death by an Afghan national at a refugee shelter in southeastern Germany.

The 41-year-old assailant also injured the child's mother, a Russian national, and a six-year-old child at the scene was treated for shock and taken to hospital.

And, from Merrie Olde England, victim of several recent terrorist attacks, here’s one that is less dramatic and will draw less attention:

A NURSERY worker was stabbed by three women as she walked to work this morning.

The victim was waiting at a junction in Wanstead at around 9.30am when she was attacked from behind by the trio.

She was pulled to the ground and slashed in the arm before the women fled down the busy high street.

Karrien Stevens, who runs Little Diamonds nursery, said the worker was treated by paramedics and later taken to hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Press Association reported that the “three Asian girls” were chanting “Allah, Allah”.


Sam L. said...

NO one will ever know for certain why they did it. There were, and are, no CLUES.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Gatestone. Each and every stabbing mentioned in Soeren Kern's report has a link to an MSM report in German. I applaud both Gatestone and Breitbart for making original reports from Germany (and other countries) available to the English speaking world. At the same time, I pity those who for whatever reason do not know German and and have to resort to SJW websites.

Ares Olympus said...
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Ares Olympus said...

Two stabbing stories in one day looks like a pattern, even if one in Germany and one in the UK. Fortunately the woman didn't die in the second case. And these aren't cases like robbery where you can negotiate for your safety.

And even if we discover the "cause" is something like rage, or like someone who has PTSD, that's not someone you want walking free in your neighborhood.

At one level it shows the more important vetting isn't whether someone is a potential terrorist, but rather if someone has an indentifiable emotional dysregulation. But apparently psychologists need to disarm their patients before they risk triggering them with empathetic questions.

Some people might think we need more guns in the world, so we can bring them to a knife fights when we forget a knife. But I'd still feel more confident in dodging knives than bullets, and if I have a gun, someone else may have one too.

So I'd say the world is a dangerous place, and we all need to learn how to defend ourselves, including "reading" people, and when someone is acting "off", keeping your distance.

I've never faced down people with knives, but I did confront a pack of wild dogs after midnight in Mexico, and I admit I didn't know what to do except keep my eyes on them while I backed away, with my camera tripod ready for swinging if necessary. Humans are lucky to have words, but there are still nonverbal skills in reading the intention of others.

Perhaps walking sticks will come back into fashion in Europe as defensive weapons? You can't stab as easily if you can't get within an arm's swing. And if someone takes my stick away and used against me, I'd prefer receiving bruises to stab wounds.