Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Transgenderism as Social Contagion

Call it madness on the march. Call it societal madness working its way through the nation, changing minds and hearts, the better to rationalize child abuse.

In previous posts we have tried to draw attention to the monstrous behavior of health care professionals who have gone into the business of mutilating children… in the name of transgender liberation. 

And we have noted how a complicit media took to glorifying Caitlyn Jenner and even convicted traitor Chelsea Manning. Let’s not forget the Obama administration that commuted Manning's sentence for treason. Being transgender means that you belong to a victim class whose crimes are always forgiven. 

While we are mentioning it, the Trump administration effort to ban transgender soldiers from the military has seen pushback from the top brass, along with court decisions that declared that the commander in chief must respect everyone’s choice of his or her own gender. Who would have believed that so many minds have become undone over this.

Put it all together and you get a social contagion. Put it all together and you persuade more and more children to declare themselves to be of the opposite gender. After all, if gender is but a social construct why shouldn’t we all have a free choice to be whatever we want to be? Chromosomes and genitalia be damned.

Happily, in England, where transgenderism is all the rage, some parents are fighting back. Hopefully, they will fight back with lawsuits. And the culture at large should eventually fight back by throwing the medical professionals who are promoting this aberration into prison.

The story comes to us from the British press. Apparently, the American media are too busy drooling over Chelsea Manning and fighting with the Resistance.

The Daily Mail has the story about the pushback:

Children as young as 13 are being railroaded into changing gender by overzealous NHS therapists who parents fear are misdiagnosing their young patients.

Concerned parents have spoken of their worry that clinic staff are ‘blindly accepting’ children’s claims that they were born the wrong sex and are failing to treat serious mental health conditions.

A campaign group, Transgender Trend, is now receiving pleas for help from ‘desperate’ parents every week.

One mother was stunned when a 15-year-old girl was referred to a specialist transgender clinic after a consultation of just 40 minutes. The outcry comes as:

  • Doctors fear being sued after the NHS signed a ‘memorandum of understanding’ banning staff from challenging patients who believe they are born the wrong sex;

  • Teenage YouTube stars who enthuse about changing sex are making being transgender ‘cool’, according to parents;

  • Children being referred for transgender treatment on the NHS have surged to record numbers – there are now 50 a week.
It takes your breath away. Read over the first bullet point carefully. If a child is seen by a pediatrician from the famed National Health Service and the child says that he or she is really of the opposite sex, the physician is not allowed to challenge the patient. 

We are dealing with children, many of whom are far younger than thirteen. A physician must take the word of these children at face value, as a higher truth, a dogma that ought never to be challenged.

The movement to spread this social contagion is afoot and well organized. Read about it and see what a collapsing culture looks like:

Messages promoting being transgender are being shared widely among young people on popular social media sites such as Instagram and Tumblr.

One message, entitled ‘just LGBT [lesbian gay bisexual and transgender] stuff’, provides advice on how to get ‘chest binders’ that can be used to enable a girl to look like a boy.

Web users can get tips on how to obtain hormone drugs and other sex change aids. But some of the messages are more sinister. Anonymous writers encourage teenagers to harm themselves or even to threaten suicide if their parents refuse to allow them to swap gender.

Parents have blamed these messages for sparking a ‘social contagion’, which has resulted in the rapidly increasing numbers of young people identifying as transgender.

While children are coming forward in ever-increasing numbers to say that they believe they were born the wrong sex, there are fears that therapists are ignoring the possibility of other conditions.

Do tell. People pay lip service to science, but they hold their own dogmatic beliefs to be truer than fact—especially considering that there is no scientific fact that demonstrates the accuracy of a belief that one is transgendered.

Parents are naturally appalled. But, how to fight the culture warriors? Parents are obliged to post their fears anonymously, lest they be harassed by trans activists:

Hundreds of alarming stories have been posted over the past two months on an online forum set up by a father who says his teenage daughter is making a mistake in seeking to change gender. The father, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘The universal experience [of the parents] is that whether the child has been diagnosed with autism, depression or ADHD, the therapists are completely discounting any other symptoms.’

The National Health Service doctors only offer one solution: a child who claims to be of the opposite sex must be allowed to undergo a sex change.

Here is how it looks in practice:

One mother, from South-West London, told how two years ago she received a call from her 15-year-old daughter’s school requesting an urgent meeting because the teenager was claiming she was ‘stuck in the wrong body’.

The next thing she knew the school had referred the matter to the NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) where a psychologist diagnosed the girl with early signs of depression. She was passed on to an NHS ‘family therapist’ who, after a 40-minute assessment, decided to refer her to a gender identity clinic. The girl’s mother demanded that the whole process be slowed down.

‘I said I know she wants a referral to a gender clinic but I have concerns that I want to talk about before any referral,’ she recalled.

‘I’ve known my child for 15 years and he only saw her for 40 minutes yet he thinks he knows everything about her and is blindly accepting that she wants to be a boy.’

The Turkish-born mother-of-three said the therapist refused to listen to her worries that her daughter had been ‘groomed’ by a gay, male friend. The schoolgirl had been bombarded with hundreds of Instagram messages from the boy accusing her of being ‘ugly’ as a girl, encouraging her to bind her breasts and to start taking testosterone. The therapist dismissed the messages as ‘jokes’ and continued to insist on the child being referred, the mother said.

After two appointments, the mother complained to CAMHS about the therapist and the family stopped seeing him. However, the teenager – now 17 – was eventually referred to a gender identity clinic and against her mother’s wishes has started taking testosterone which she ordered online.

And you think that you have problems.


Malcolm said...

You might find this article interesting


Stuart Schneiderman said...

thank you... I wrote about this article on Oct. 8. 2017.

Anonymous said...

And to compound the insanity, if that's even possible, these children will be taken to the head of the line for extremely costly sex reassigment surgery -- even as the finances of the NHS are collapsing all around; even as people with non-PC ailments are increasingly put on death lists

n.n said...

Gender refers to a set of masculine and feminine physical and mental attributes with a normal distribution centered on a binary sex (i.e. male or female). Whereas a "straight" male is predominantly masculine, a "straight" female is predominantly feminine.

The transgender spectrum includes individuals that exhibit significant physical or mental deviations from normal, including: homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites, and crossovers.

The normalization (i.e. promotion) of Transgender Spectrum Disorder (TSD) is a social contagion. But, so is normalization of trans-social orientations and behaviors, as well as trans-human orientations and behaviors not limited to abortion rites.

n.n said...

Trans-social orientations and behaviors not limited to polygamy without commitment (e.g. "friendship with benefits", prostitution), as well as trans-human orientations and behaviors not limited to abortion rites.

Sam L. said...

What reader will contradict n.n. here? Not I.

James said...

Sam L.
Perhaps AO has found his long lost twin in n.n.

Ares Olympus said...

It does seem surprising that such things are so quickly accepted by professionals, but its still not clear how many accept this, and how many are resisting.

I've tried to think of potential analogies. But whatever the analogies are, like perhaps cosmetic surgery, everyone ought to agree this should be off limits to people under 18, and the very least, parents should be able to override.

Dr. Seuss's Star Bellied Sneetches perhaps represents one sense of this as a contagion, presuming there is some sort of higher status involved, along with the profit motive, but it all seems so unlikely.

There's no raised status among the wider population, but perhaps there's a status to be gained within a subpopulation, and anyone who participates in madness will surely have some doubts, but if they can surround themselves by true believers and evangelize more youth that they are also the wrong gender, the herd can expand. So basically a cult.

When you meet someone from a cult, like the Jehovah Witnesses who come to your door, they can see to talk like ordinary people, and there's just this evangelism that seems a little annoying, and yet you can remain polite, and just be sure whatever koolaid they're drinking, it's not for you. But if your kid suddenly has found his new family in their fold, you're going to get more worried, and take their delusions more seriously.

Ares Olympus said...

Here's a website "A community of parents & friends skeptical of the "transgender child/teen" trend"

There I see a link this video, and the focus seems to be "acceptance" which seems harmless at this level. And they give this statistic, without sourcing
"2-6% of boys and 5-12% of girls identify or express their gender differently from their assigned sex at birth"
Also here:

Even if those numbers are true, we could argue the "solution" of taking artificial hormones and performing irreversible mutilating surgeries is the opposite of "acceptance", but instead an expression of self-hatred again the body that God gave you.

A long article author "detransitioning" agrees from personal experience, and a strong warning.
I believe that the trans movement has qualities that make it very similar to a cult. I became trans for the very same reason that people join cults; and similarly to those who escape cults, I’ve found profound healing in my slow path towards detransition.

Now, almost ten years later, it is clear that I am not a woman. In fact, it is obvious that I am still very much a male, but now with breasts and mutilated genitalia. That is an uncomfortable position to be in; not only was I mistaken; everyone knows it. But this uncomfortable reality is still preferable to the intense self-delusion and narcissism that I lived in and with for many years.
Over the years, I’ve known dozens of trans people. Most had reasons that were less convincing than my own for transition, and as we’ve seen, my own justifications were rather feeble. This leads me to believe that, by and large, trans is a disingenuous ideology that is a current mass hysteria. It is also clearly something of an unintentional eugenics program against gender nonconforming folk. The entire enterprise makes me feel sick. It has become trendy to commit oneself to lifelong hormone therapy and surgical mutilation. I was not able to correctly appraise the situation at the time I became trans and deeply regret the decision now.

Going a little deeper, trans is profoundly sexist and actually creates less diversity in expression. I went from an authentic, studious, awkward, somewhat feminine man to performing full time as a trans woman. Eventually my authentic self reasserted itself, and now I’m slowly moving towards more integration. The trans narrative does much more than merely normalize mental illness; it creates mental illness. I would have never transitioned if I hadn’t been wounded by postmodernism and then given an escape hatch in trans. The narrative made me crazy just as much as my own predisposition made me vulnerable to it.

My sense is that no one wants to hear the voices of detransitioners until it is too late. My sincere hope is that some people who are considering transition, as well as parents with “trans” children, might read my essay and choose a brighter path than that of transition. Please learn from my mistakes and consider other options. Most dysmorphia goes away with time. The entire trans narrative is a sinister mental trap which is profoundly harmful. There are infinitely better ways to deal with the universal experiences of dissatisfaction and desire to be someone else.

lhf said...

My guess is that most suffering from this delusion are white and see a path to becoming part of a victim group. When my kids were in high school in the 90s, this could be achieved by claiming bisexuality.