Saturday, December 8, 2018

Jewish Columnist Supports Palestinian Terrorism

Leading the useful idiots defending Islamist anti-Semitism is the highly challenged, weak thinker and weaker writer… Michelle Goldberg. I rarely comment on her screeds because I rarely read them. I don’t eat junk food either… for approximately the same reason.

Now, Goldberg marches out to defend Congressional Democratic Muslims like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar because, to her mind, Muslims have an Allah-given right to be anti-Semitic. The two incoming Congresspeople have expressed solidarity with the Boycott Divest Sanctions movement, movement that attempts to marginalize Israel and to make it cease to exist.

Of course, the dim-witted Goldberg thinks that it’s just about the human rights of the poor oppressed Palestinian people.

In her words, BDS:

... seeks to use economic pressure on Israel to secure Palestinian rights.

You see, the Palestinian people have been using terrorism for over seven decades in order to destroythe state of Israel. In the meantime they want to kill as many Jews as possible. War is war. You are on one side or the other. Goldberg’s mind has so thoroughly marinated in leftist propaganda that she comes down on the side of Palestinian terrorism.
Goldberg continues to explain BDS:

Further, the movement calls for the right of Palestinian refugees and millions of their descendants to return to Israel, which could end Israel as a majority-Jewish state.

With the exception of useful idiots like Goldberg  everyone understands that the so-called right of return means nothing more than the destruction of Israel. About that, Goldberg does not seem to care. What really matters to her is human rights, even though the slogan is merely used by Palestinians to sucker Western radical leftists like Goldberg. Does anyone imagine that any Jew would have any rights in a new Palestine? If Goldberg thinks they would, she should move to Gaza.

By her reasoning the anti-Zionism of the Congressional supporters of the BDS movement is not of a piece with anti-Semitism. The connection has long been established and is well known. Jews founded and built the state of Israel for the Jewish people… to ensure that Jews always had a homeland and to ensure that Jews could defend themselves. So explained Prime Minister Netanyahu to a joint session of Congress, session that was boycotted by significant parts of the Democratic caucus. All Zionists are Jews. Hating Zionists is merely a convenient way to hate Jews.

Like many other leftist American Jews Goldberg is sorely discommoded over the fact that Israel does not always live up to her conception of the ideal state. She would do better to keep such thoughts to herself. When a nation is at war it needs to do what is necessary to win the war. Winning the mind of Michelle Goldberg is probably a lost cause anyway.

We are not surprised to discover that Goldberg never suggests that the Palestinian people have been suffering the dereliction of their leaders’ inability to accept the right of Israel to exist. And that the Palestinian campaign of terror against Israel, a remnant of the Nazi attempt to exterminate Jews, can only be countered with a ruthless and relentless counterforce.

Like the good stooge that she is Goldberg blames it all on Israel. Not a word about terrorism. Not a word about an unwillingness to recognize Israel:

Now, however, Israel has foreclosed the possibility of two states, relentlessly expanding into the West Bank and signaling to the world that the Palestinians will never have a capital in East Jerusalem. As long as the de facto policy of the Israeli government is that there should be only one state in historic Palestine, it’s unreasonable to regard Palestinian demands for equal rights in that state as anti-Semitic. If the Israeli government is going to treat a Palestinian state as a ridiculous pipe dream, the rest of us can’t act as if such a state is the only legitimate goal of Palestinian activism.

In other words, Palestinians have a right to do whatever they want to undermine and ultimately to destroy Israel. So, we have a New York Times columnist supporting terrorism against Israel.

You see, Goldberg believes in fundamental values. In order to support such values she sides with people who have devoted their lives to killing Jews. Naturally, she blames it all on the Trump administration. You would think that she is working for the Palestinians, so adept is she at mouthing their propaganda.

If you can’t think straight, why not take it to its most absurd extreme… and hope that no one will notice.


Sam L. said...

If I recall my reading about it, the non-Jewish population was warned by the Arabs to leave so as not to get killed by the Arab armies. No promises to take care of them. They left, and the Arabs did not take care of them. And haven't to this day. If the Palis weren't crazy, they'd hate the Arabs, not the Jews.

Jeff Z said...

As a Jew with (nominally) Jewish friends who would support Goldberg's position, I think you're reading too much into this. It's simply a matter of people for whom Jewish identity detracts from their integration into what I'll call, in a shorthand we can all understand, Progressive Globalism. Since most of these people are not sociopaths and understand in some realm of their soul that what they claim to want would result in another Holocaust, they create fantasy reasons to justify their behavior. In fact, far from being "...sorely discommoded over the fact that Israel does not always live up to her conception of the ideal state," the more of an exemplar Israel is to other nations, the worse it is for these people, as the ability of Israel to create a functioning and prosperous liberal democracy in such uncongenial conditions argues against the Progressive Globalist agenda.


I'm going to opine that a lot of the JINO support for a "two state solution", "Palestinian rights", etc., is a psychological defense mechanism: DISPLACEMENT.

Most people, even if unconsciously, understand that the Arabs want Jews dead. All of us dead, eventually. I think, again deep down, they understand that this is driven by the Koran's describing us as the worst of peoples, evil, betrayers, etc., etc., etc., so that what's happening there now is not a land issue, it's a religious issue.

But that's a hard pill to swallow for many, especially those stewed in liberalism. So they DISPLACE, saying that "if only the Jews were more agreeable" and "if only the Jews would give up a little more"... in practice, this will (at best) do nothing and (at worst) only encourage more bad behaviors from a culture that sees concessions as weakness - but it will give those urging it a measure of control, purely illusory of course, that they're able to regain some control over the situation.

It's like a child whose parent beats them when they come home. To regain a level of control over the situation and avoid having to consciously acknowledge the real and ugly truth that their parent is a monster, such a child will say "Maybe if I clean my room better they won't be angry" and so on. The reality is that said parent IS a monster, but by doing this the child believes they have gained some control over the situation which, otherwise, is horrific.