Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Mattis Mystique

Defense Secretary James Mattis wrote that President Trump needed someone whose views accorded with his own. But, the question arises, were Mattis's views. Assuming that the highly estimable Caroline Glick was correct... here are a few Mattis views. Clearly he would have been better suited to an Obama or Clinton presidency.

Mattis: 1. Opposed moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. 2. Opposed cancelling the Iran nuclear deal. 3. Insisted on arming and training the Hezbollah-controlled Lebanese military. 4. Opposed using US forces in Syria vs. Iran and partners. 5. Said Tel Aviv is Israel's capital.


trigger warning said...

Mattis is a cool guy, and a fount of amusing USMCisms. I like him.

But I thank Ms Glick for her timely reminder, and I'm glad he's gone.

I note for the record that the EU-niks are wringing tbeir hands because, according to the WSJ Online,
"Europe faces much greater threats from terrorists, missiles or refugees from these countries [e.g., Syria] than the U.S. does..." So sad!

But so true! And a prime opportunity for the genteel and impeccably attired EU defense establishment to ma... they-up, buy some bullets, repair their non-functional military gear, and put young EU-niks on the line in defense of their own territory.

I also read that the Saudis and the UAE are engaging in northern Syria to defend the Kurds from the Turks post-US withdrawal. Tnx, MbS! That's realpolitiking in action, baby.

Shout-out to American grunts... welcome back, guys!

whitney said...

Wasn't he Pro transgender troops also?

Sam L. said...

The very THOUGHT of TRUMP unmans the Left. As I see it, Trump is now "The Shadow", who has the power to CLOUD MEN's MINDS (lefties, Dems, liberals, progressives, Bernie-lovers, Hillary-lovers, 1/1024th native American lovers...)

Anonymous said...

I would judge any SecDef by the state of the military. Our navy is operating at about 40% readiness due to a lack of base infrastructure and overage shipping combined with overdue maintenance and over extension. The Army cannot field 5 combat ready brigades. The Air Force is operating at about 45% readiness. The Marines are being assaulted on all fronts. Special Forces are being degraded and forced to absorb women, using special standards.

I will not address the use of communist instructors in military academies; the PCing of the military; and Rules of Engagement that make our troops sitting targets.

Worse is this clown's praising of alliances when the Germans and French have called for a united European military to defend them against Americans. Or our good friends the Turks. Our this clown's refusal to defeat Tehran.

Other than that he is a sad, perfumed prince of the Obama mold.