Friday, December 21, 2018

They're Leaving New York State

New York State is becoming less crowded. That’s only part of the good news. My home state is now leading the nation in… outmigration. More people are leaving New York State than any other state in the union.

Obviously, the political consequences will show up in the next census… and will be translated into political terms… fewer Congresspeople and fewer electoral votes. On the other hand, when Southern states receive new in-migrants from blue states they tend to vote for bluer candidates… thus doing to their new states what blue politicians did to their old states.

Anyway, the New York Post has the arresting story:

New York was just one of nine states that saw a population decline between July 1, 2017 and July 1, 2018, losing 48,510 residents, according to data released Wednesday by the U.S. Census.

Out-migration — when residents leave one state for another — drove New York’s population decline, The Democrat and Chronicle reported, citing the founder of a conservative think tank.

The number of births in New York surpassed the number of deaths and more than 70,000 immigrants were added, according to the census data.

But 180,306 New Yorkers ditched the state for another, causing the population decline.

Lucky for New York, it added tens of thousands of new migrants. You see why politicians are so avid to count them in the new census.


JPL17 said...

My only hope is that the people leaving New York state for my state are the ones who think Cuomo is a Cuommunist

ASM826 said...

We have some of them coming our way. Several have joined my rifle club, happy to live in a state that doesn't criminalize them for the number of rounds their rifle holds.

It wasn't the winters or the taxes that finally pushed them to leave family and friends. It was an oppressive government.