Saturday, July 6, 2019

Are Palestinian Leaders "Hysterical and Stupid?"

True enough, it wasn’t very diplomatic. But, perhaps there’s a time when normal diplospeak must yield to the moment. No one has a problem when Palestinian leaders act like terrorists. No one has a problem when Palestinian leaders consign their people to decades of misery. No one has a problem when Palestinian leaders malign Israel and Jews. No one has a problem when Palestinian leaders try to shoot down an American plan for Middle Eastern peace. 

And yet, when Jared Kushner called Palestinian leaders “hysterical and stupid” we heard an uproar. How dare this neophyte diplomat speak ill of the splendid terrorists who run the Palestinian Authority? In truth, Kushner’s words were notably mild when compared with the language that Palestinians use to describe Israel and world Jewry.

Fox News has the story:

Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, blasted the Palestinian leadership for acting “hysterical and stupid” after refusing to participate in the peace conference in Bahrain….

He said that Palestinian officials also made a “strategic mistake” by not participating in the conference in Bahrain a week ago, attended by officials and business leaders across the Arab world, where he unveiled the economics part of the peace plan.

“The door is always open for the Palestinian leadership. ... If they stop saying crazy things and engage, they will see there is an opportunity here,” Kushner said. “We respect President Abbas and we believe he wants to make peace, and we want to give him the opportunity to try and do it.”

It is well past time that someone called Palestinian leaders for what they are: hysterical and stupid. It’s not diplomatic, but whoever said that Palestinians cared a whit for diplomacy.


Sam L. said...

As I've said elsewhere, the Palis NEVER miss a chance to MISS a chance. Which reminds me of some pictures I saw some years ago of people with children looking induce passers-by to give them money.

Ben David said...

They are neither hysterical nor stupid.
Peace and prosperity do not serve their interests, and they don't give a damn about their subjects.

The PA leadership wants to keep its own baksheesh hustle going. Like every other "leader" in the Arab world, and much of ROW. The last thing they want is for a prosperous technocratic middle class to arise and challenge "la cosa nostra".

There is a reason why the mideast and other places look like they do. And it ain't "colonialism".