Thursday, July 11, 2019

Should America Push Israel to End the Occupation?

It’s a question for the next Democratic candidate’s debate. Two activist Jews asked Elizabeth Warren if she would push the Israeli government to end occupation. By which they meant occupation of lands that Palestinians claim to own.

Warren responded that Yes, she would. By now, in today’s Democratic Party favoring the Palestinian cause is at least as important as Israeli security. Current administration policy of siding with Israel has become toxic to the American political left.

I recommend that the Democratic candidates be asked to take a stand for or against the two useful idiots who are militating against Israel? I can guarantee you, if any of them dare support the occupation, they will immediately be denounced by the radical wing of today's Democratic Party, beginning with Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the one who gets a calming feeling when she thinks of the Holocaust. Which part of that do you find ambiguous?

Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft responds (via Maggie's Farm) that, after all, Israel ceased its occupation of Gaza in 2005. Under the aegis of the Bush administration Israel withdrew entirely from Gaza and allowed free elections to take place. The people of Gaza voted for Hamas and Hamas has continued to shoot rockets into Israeli civilian neighborhoods. It has also sent incendiary kites, designed to damage the nation. And it has dug terror tunnels, the better to sneak into Israel and to murder Jews. 

When Israel takes countermeasures to defend itself, Hamas declares these to be part of the occupation. So, strictly speaking, the activists asked Warren about the “occupation,” not about the occupation of Gaza. To Palestinians, however, the embargo around Gaza counts as an occupation. In truth, Palestinians need but call off their war against the Jewish state... and the occupation would be history. They would not get all that they want... which is everything... but they would have something... beyond the misery they have visited on their own people for seven decades now. Or else they could take a look at the Jared Kushner peace plan... except that they will not... because Kushner is a Jew.

On the other hand, what the zealous activists call occupation is a necessary means of Israeli self-defense. For today’s Democratic Party, such distinctions pale into irrelevance. 


trigger warning said...

That's all well and good for Sen Lieawatha, but what does Sen Spartacus say? Or Sen Kamala Legree-Harris? :-D

You gotta love this field of candidates, who make Marianne Williamson look sane. Personally, I'm voting for Lunchbox Biden, who has a plan to cure cancer.

UbuMaccabee said...

Leftist Jews will still vote for a straight Democrat ticket, no matter how much it imperils Israel. As with the rest of America, our first war is against one another, only after that is settled can we fight an external enemy. We are in a civil war, we just haven't started shooting at one another yet, but we will.

Sam L. said...

The Palis NEVER miss a chance to miss a chance. In '48, they tried to take th4e territory, and lost. And every time since, they've lost. The Israelis are smarter, and KNOW they MUST NOT LOSE. Pali "leaders" lie to their people. It seems the people believe them. Take it on faith.

David Foster said...

If one did a historical title search of whatever property Warren owns (claims to own), I wonder which American Indian tribes considered themselves as the rightful occupants of those lands...and whether they might be interested in asking Warren to give them back.

trigger warning said...

Lieawatha reportedly owns a $5M wickiup in Cambridge. Be interesting to see how she'd react if the tribe that originally lived there launched a few rocket attacks.