Monday, July 8, 2019

Politically Correct Policing in Great Britain

In Great Britain the Home Secretary is responsible for policing and for internal security. Recently, former heads of Scotland wrote a letter to the Times of London, demanding an inquiry into Britain’s crime wave. They placed considerable blame on the hapless Theresa May, who held the office from 2010 to 2016. May was succeeded by Amber Rudd and, for the last year by Sajid Javid. 

One notes that all the Home Secretaries from the past ten or so years have been conservative. Apparently, Theresa May did such a terrible job as Home Secretary that they rewarded her with the prime ministership. For certain groups failure is a qualification for higher office. See, HRC. 

Prime Minister May performed so abysmally that the conservative party is about to shake things up by giving power to Boris Johnson.

The London Telegraph reports on the letter:

Five former heads of Scotland Yard have called for a public inquiry into the state of policing in Britain as they warned the drug and knife crime epidemic has plunged the country into lawlessness.

In a letter to The Times, the former commissioners said forces' resources have been "drained to dangerously low levels" meaning that victims of crime now have "perilously low expectations". 

They wrote: "The reduction of police and support staff by more than 30,000, the virtual destruction of neighbourhood policing and the inadvisable undermining of lawful police powers such as stop and search have taken their toll." 

Theresa May is heavily criticised in the letter, and the five former senior officers each condemned the "emasculation of British policing" under her watch as home secretary. 

Gosh, consider the phrase, “emasculation of British policing.” May reduced the number of police, destroyed neighborhood policing and banned what we would call stop and frisk. She may have been conservative, but May was a leftist’s delight as Home Secretary.

We should mention the inept and weak-kneed London mayor, Sadiq Khan, here. Surely he has not helped things.

Very few Brits own guns, so knifings are becoming more common:

Yesterday, the 73rd homicide victim of 2019 in London was named as 40-year-old Tesfa Campbell, who was stabbed to death in Battersea this week. 

Amid a rise in county lines drug gangs and the plague of knife crime on British streets, Boris Johnson has pledged to recruit 20,000 police officers if he was to become the next prime minister. 

The letter added: "Common sense suggests that these factors have contributed to the feeling of lawlessness generated by knife murders and 'county lines' drugs."

So, political correctness has infested the British conservative party. One must note that multiculturalism tends to produce social chaos, and thus to open the door to crime:

"Police and crime commissioners, however well motivated, do not have the skills or resources to address the emasculation of British policing experienced in recent years. If they become victims of crime, the public have perilously low expectations of the police today.

"This cannot be acceptable in our modern, diverse democracy. It is the first duty of any government to protect its citizens from harm.

"The responses to terrorism, cyber-crime and the restoration of police resources and confidence cannot be provided by a fragmented system comprising more than 40 territorial police forces."


UbuMaccabee said...

At least the Muslims are refraining from the machete.

Sam L. said...

Ms. May has sold her voters down the river. BoJo has a mountain to climb, but I expect that he will.