Friday, August 9, 2019

America's First Jewish President

Toni Morrison died this week. R.I.P.

To honor her boundless imagination we can recall the moment when she declared that Bill Clinton was America’s first black president. In fact, she argued in The New Yorker, Clinton was more black than most blacks.

In her words:

Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime. After all, Clinton displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.

It takes no excessive humility to say that I do not have Morrison’s capacity for fiction. And yet, even with my limited imagination, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Donald Trump is America’s first Jewish president. Surely, no president in American history has elicited the same level of raw hatred. No other American president has been subjected to the same level of rhetorical violence. No American presidents' supporters have been subjected to the same eliminationist rhetoric.

After all, Trump is routinely denounced for being vulgar and uncouth. Such characterizations have often been used to marginalize Jews. He was a leading figure in New York City, the epicenter of international Jewry. He has many Jewish friends and family. Including, dare we mention, the object of today's boundless leftist ire, Stephen Ross. Please note that Ross was born Jewish. Just as the German Nazi party shut down Jewish businesses, so too is the anti-Semitic American left calling for a boycott of businesses where Ross has invested.

Hating Trump has become a national pastime on the political left. Denouncing him as a racist and has Hitler has been used so often that the trope is wearing thin. At the least, the anti-Trump, and dare we say it, anti-Semitic left, blames Trump for everything that is going wrong in America. We might call it scapegoating. We might even call it bigotry. Surely, it does not bespeak rational judgment. It is more likely, a head fake, designed to allow people to hate Jews while thinking that they are really hating Nazis.

When the Trump haters declare that they are fighting against Trump-Hitler, they are simply masking their anti-Semitism. And yet, it is not new. The international radical left has long attempted to brand the state of Israel as a Nazi state. And it has long attempted to brand the Palestinian cause an effort to fight Nazis. Today's American left is not progressive or liberal. it is radical.

This tells us something about the raw stupidity of the radical left in the Western world. But it has also served to keep anti-Semitism alive and respectable... in the Palestinian Authority and in Gaza.

And, consider this, when Islamic terrorists committed mass murder during the Obama administration, no one blamed Obama. And the public gave Obama a pass for refusing to denounce Islamic terrorism or even anti-Semitic violence in Paris.

When a gunman opened fire at the Walmart this weekend, the media elites rose up to insist that Trump denounce white supremacy. But, when everyone discovered that the Dayton shooter was a leftist Antifa sympathizer, the media rose up to denounce the NRA. And to call for stricter gun control measures. What matters is the narrative, and the narrative must find a Jew to blame. In the case of El Paso, that Jew was Donald Trump.

Why it was only yesterday that fliers were posted around Patchogue, New York demanding: “Death Camps for Trump Supporters.” (via Zero Hedge and Maggie’s Farm) How much clearer can they be?

Is it simply an anomaly, an act by a few crazies looking to make a name for themselves? Or does it express the Jew hatred that has taken over the media?

Consider the parallels.Among the salient aspects of the Third Reich was the deprivation of Jews of all civil rights, burning their books and especially calling for boycotts of Jewish-owned stores. In time Jews were banned from parks and restaurants. Is it really any different from harassing Trump supporters in restaurants and department stores? Is it really different from calling for boycotts of the businesses of Trump supporters, as in Soul Cycle and Equinox?

As it happened, we owe it to the Squad, the Democratic Party’s Gang of Four, to make this all clear. Do you think that it’s an accident that that party’s new thought leaders are virulent anti-Semites? Do you think that it means nothing that one of America’s two political party countenances anti-Semitism? Today’s Democratic Party has made it respectable to be anti-Semitic? And has made it acceptable to hate Donald Trump with a passion that bespeaks traditional hatred of Jews.

Need we mention the fact that nearly half of Trump’s family is Jewish. And that Jewish daughter Ivanka and Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner are working in the White House. Evidently, many people believe that Trump himself has too much sympathy with Jews. 

Of course, the misnamed Antifa radicals are a mofern version of the Nazi brownshirts lead by Ernst Rohm in the early days of Hitler’s rule. Since they call themselves anti-fascists, people consider them to be anti-fascists. Obviously, they are not. They are treating Trump supporters the way the brown shirts treated German Jews in the early 1930s-- with street violence and thuggery.

President Obama happily supported the Jew hating regime in Tehran. No one much cared that these were the true heirs of Nazism. No one worried about their stated wish to exterminate Jews. No on worried that the Obama nuclear deal provided Iran with a legitimate right to possess nuclear weapons. Let us not forget, the plane load of currency that Obama sent to Iran was sent to the Hamas and Hezbollah… in order to support their efforts to destroy the state of Israel and to kill as many Jews as possible.

When the Trump administration realigned America with Israel, by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and accepting Israel’s possession of the Golan Heights, anti-Semites howled in derision. Cartoonists depicted Trump as being led around by the Israeli prime minister.

Worse yet, as a sidelight, Trump has also allied himself with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, a notable Semite, against Iranians, who are not a Semitic people.

Evidently, the Saudi leader is being held to a different standard. If the Iranians executed thousands of gays for being gay, no one much cared. If the Saudis murdered a journalist, surely a criminal action, they are war criminals who deserve nothing but the most serious sanctions. Have you not noticed that caricatures of the Crown Prince bear a striking similarity to Nazi-era caricatures of Jews?

When people grant themselves the right to hate President Trump, and his Jewish family, with a boundless hatred, just keep in mind that this kind of eliminationist hate has a history, it has a context. And the context is not too pretty.


David Foster said...

Cute analogy. But I think the main reason for the hostility against of the main reasons, at that he gives aid and comfort to people and institutions that were supposed to just slink off into the night. Most American manufacturing, for instance, was supposed to just go away. Coal miners were supposed to 'learn to code' or become day-care teachers. People without college degrees were suppose to accept their inferior position, and people *with* college degrees, but not Ivy League ones, were supposed to accept that government was something to be controlled by their betters. Christians were supposed to just shut up about their embarrassing religon. And so on.

Anonymous said...

America’s first Jewish President? We might actually get one and his name is Bernie Sanders.

Sam L. said...

"Today's American left is not progressive or liberal. it is radical."
To me, it's insane.

Anonymous said...

Leftists now are antisemitic, totalitarian and violent, and that includes the elderly Democrat leaders, including the Jewish Democratic leaders, because leftist Jews do not respect themselves.

Leftists have joined forces with globalists (who seek to destroy Western nations and impoverish them). They have also joined forces with Islam. The leftists of today are either evil or mentally ill. I'm Jewish, yet violent leftists and violent moslems call me a Nazi, white supremacist, and a KKKer. Never has there been such absurdity played out by leftists, and never have them been so illiterate, so sexually perverted, so amoral, and so filthy (physically and intellectually). This is the reason I'm now a Republican.
Thank you.