Saturday, August 31, 2019

Vegan Diets Make Children Dumb

Let’s say you wanted to dumb down American children. After all, these children will go out to compete in the world markets. Surely, we do not want them to excel. We want them to attain to utter mediocrity, the better to ensure that other children around the world will not feel bad for doing less well.

Obviously, the Common Core educational reforms are helping to make American children dumber. But, now, we have discovered another way to achieve this ignoble end: a vegan diet.

You know that the climate alarmists have already told us that we must all stop eating meat or any other animal products, and that we must immediately cease wearing leather belts, leather shoes and even fur coats. It will save the planet, don’t you know.

If you are what you eat, as the old saying goes, limiting your dietary intake to vegetables will eventually turn you into a vegetable. Or some such. Some reports have made clear that feeding a baby only vegetable products will make him malnourished. Now, we also learn that a child who limits himself to a vegan diet will become dumber.

Why is that so? Well, Dr. Emma Derbyshire has argued that a vegan diet lacks a nutrient called choline. The less choline the poorer your mental development.

The New York Post has the story, from the Sun:

A vegan diet may “dumb down” future kids, a nutritional expert has warned.

Writing in the health journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & HealthDr. Emma Derbyshire says a plant-based diet lacks choline — a key nutrient for mental development. It is mainly found in beef, eggs, dairy, fish and chicken.

According to Dr. Derbyshire, studies suggest low levels in pregnancy can harm the fetus and raise the child’s risk of memory and brainpower problems.

Nutritionists also say nine in ten adults are lacking in choline and that will worsen as more ditch meat and eggs.

“It could leave many women of childbearing age deficient in this key nutrient,” Dr. Derbyshire said.

“We are at risk of dumbing down the brainpower of the next generation.”

So, a vegan diet will presumably save the planet. Unfortunately, it will also make American youth dumb and dumber, incapable of competing effectively  in the world market. The solution: meat and eggs, fish and poultry.


Sam L. said...

There are a lot of people who would like dumbed-down kids. Those would be Democrats.

Anonymous said...

So take a supplement of choline.