Sunday, March 28, 2021

Germany Fails the Covid Test

Of course we think the world of the European Union. If we don't we won't admit it. Left thinking intellectuals, in America and Great Britain, insisted that Britain remain within the EU. 

Now, however, with Great Britain and even many American states getting some semblance of control over the coronavirus pandemic, the razzie for the worst management of the current medical crisis goes to Germany. Apparently, Germany just eked out the award over France. 

We all remember when President Trump denounced Germany for freeloading off of America, especially when it came to national defense. We all recall when our great minds denounced Trump for not being sufficiently collegial toward our not-so-steadfast allies. 

It turns out that military incompetence was just the tip of the iceberg of Angela Merkel’s ineptitude.

Of course the leader of the EU, one Angela von der Leyen has aptly lived up to her reputation for complete incompetence. But, people had thought that German Chancellor Merkel was a shining light, the perfect female leader for our times.

It’s time to do a rethink. Merkel and her political party are seeing their popular support evaporate. 

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday:

Europeans of all ages, from children to grandparents, are becoming exhausted with a crisis that is now entering its second year and whose end seems to be receding beyond the horizon. Vaccinations are progressing at a glacial pace, Covid-19 cases are spiraling up again and increasingly unpopular governments impose new restrictions weekly.

The mixture of pessimism, resignation, and anger contrasts with feelings of optimism elsewhere in the West, especially in the U.S. and the U.K., where vaccinations are progressing much faster and attention is moving to reopening the economy.

Germany is a striking case of changing fortunes. The country fared well in the first phase of the pandemic last year, and authorities gained plaudits for keeping infections and deaths low. Now, after four months of largely ineffective lockdowns and with a slow and bureaucratic vaccination regime that hasn’t so far picked up speed, infections are soaring again and the government is seeing its poll ratings plummet.

The elderly cannot get vaccinated today in Germany:

Millions of Germans aged 70 and older, as well as teachers and people with chronic diseases, haven’t yet been vaccinated. Europe was late in ordering the shots, late in approving them and has also been hit by manufacturing hiccups and delivery delays.

As it happens, Americans suffering from Europhilia will ignore this story. They despise the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, who has effectively led his nation out of the pandemic. But they love continental Europe, and consider it a role model for a government where the leaders are completely incompetent, but at least they fill diversity quotas.


whitney said...

Well you think their goal is to get open "back to normal" which means they're losing but that doesn't seem to be the goal. The numbers are all lies. These people have been lying for over a year now and every new lie is just believed like the public is filled with 90% amnesiacs. Believing the goal is to end this and get back to normal takes a lot of personal mental obfuscation. The only thing this all shows to me is that the Western world was way more resilient than anyone had any idea and is proving much harder to put out of its misery than anyone knew. I do think they will succeed and I actually hope for it because if they don't succeed and we keep these systems in place they're putting white people in concentration camps. You know the ones of us that don't murdered out right

Sam L. said...

How is Switzerland doing? And eastern Europe?