Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Coming Pronoun Wars

Of course, this is humor. It’s from the satirical website called The Babylon Been. Still and all, as our fearsome warriors stand down in order to get their minds in order, nations around the world are taking note.

China especially is taking note of the Biden administration’s war on their soldiers’ minds. And China surely has noticed the latest in political correct mind control-- declaring that using the wrong pronouns is an act of domestic violence. 

Yesterday I reported a story from Canada whereby a father was thrown in jail for refusing to use his trans child’s preferred pronouns. We recall, with considerable chagrin, that the child, when aged fourteen, insisted that she wanted to be a boy and that, when her parents refused to consent, she convinced a court to order hormone injections.

OK, it’s not America, but we can easily imagine it happening here.

Anyway, the Babylon Bee has the story about the Chinese reaction to the new Pentagon plan to indoctrinate all soldiers in woke ideology:

The Chinese military has announced that they will no longer be investing in weapons, tanks, aircraft, or traditional warfare training techniques. 

Instead, the People's Liberation Army will simply be trained to shout the wrong pronouns at U.S. soldiers, who will collapse and shake uncontrollably at the advanced maneuver.

"Brave soldiers of the People's Liberation Army, prepare to launch a pronoun assault!" cried one platoon leader in a training exercise. "Go!"

The Chinese soldiers then began shouting "He/Him!" and "She/her!" at American soldiers, whom Biden had loaned to the Chinese government for the practice session. They immediately collapsed to the floor. "No!!! I'm a xe/xer; it says so right on my dog tags!" cried one weeping American soldier huddled in the corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth. 

"You can't call me the wrong pronoun -- it's literally violence! It's against the Geneva Convention!"

"President Biden will be hearing about this!" he shouted as he ran away.

"See? That's all we need to do to defeat the puny American soldiers," said the sergeant. "We don't even need to fire a shot. We just need to say the mean words they don't like."

A recent computer simulation predicted that using this tactic, the Chinese military would defeat America in approximately seven minutes.


Anonymous said...

The pronoun wars started in the public agencies around 1990. This is back when what is now known as critical race theory was startng to be imposed under the fig leaf then known as Cultural Diversty.

Sam L. said...

As I keep saying, the Babylon Bee has a very long, very pointed, very SHARP stinger, with the most accurate target acquisition in the whole wide world; i.e. it's gonna STING.

Sam L. said...

My pronouns are "I" and "me". My con-nouns however, are pretty darned salty.