Saturday, March 20, 2021

Welcome to the Biden Era

If you like pathos, you’ll love the Biden presidency. The vaunted adults who are now running the country are becoming more and more pathetic.

Was Biden in his right mind when he went on ABC News and called Russian president Putin a killer?

David Goldman called it one of the most stupid statements a government leader has made in quite some time:

For several reasons, President Biden’s March 16 denunciation of Putin as a “killer” without a soul ranks among the dumbest utterances ever by an American leader – and that’s a crowded field. To begin with, heads of state do not insult each other this way, except in wartime.

Putin replied by challenging Biden to a public debate, but one where he would not have time to prepare his answers to all the pre-approved questions. Like everyone else, Putin knows that Biden is frail and mentally compromised. When people around the world laugh at our president, they are laughing at America. 

Dare we mention that more than a few Republicans have been indulging similar rhetoric regarding China. 

Besides, if American policy toward China is to ensure that China and Russia do not get too close, calling Putin a heartless killer are not going to advance that policy.

As for the tongue lashing that Chinese officials delivered to Biden administration officials in Alaska, Roger Kimball considers the evidence (link unavailable). 

The whole performance was positively shaming. Both sides had agreed on opening statement of two minutes. Blinken and Sullivan followed the rules. Yang went on for nearly 20 minutes, explaining how the US, with capitulation to Black Lives Matter, antifa and other radicals, was in no position to lecture China. He has a point. A canny friend of mine says that he would rather be governed by the Chinese than the Yale faculty. I am not ready to go that far, but I see his point.

Apparently, the Chinese leadership does not believe everything it reads in the mainstream media. 

Better yet, Joe Biden cannot make his way up the stairs to Air Force 1. His idiot press team decided that a gust of wind had blown the empty-suited president off course.

Kimball remarks:

Joe Biden can barely make it up the stairs to Air Force One without tripping (not once but thrice). It was ‘the wind’ said a White House spox. Remember when President Trump reached for the handrail after speaking at West Point? You would have thought he was about to expire from the hysterical media coverage.

Kimball concludes:

Joe Biden has been in office for just two months. Has any US president had such a disastrous opening chapter on the world stage? None that I can recall.


Sam L. said...

How long will Biden be President? My guess is 6 months, maybe less...

Walt said...

It will be interesting to see how long the media (and those who parrot it as though it's the word of God) will keep covering for him, promoting fantasy instead of fact, and slavering over his "empathy" and "green-ness" while the border explodes, energy prices, inflation and taxes rise, and foreign relations disintegrate.

Eric said...

I continue to believe that Weekend at Biden's will continue for 2 years so that Harris can run for 2 terms.