Sunday, June 20, 2021

Fighting Back against CRT, BLM and BLT

The nation is abuzz with talk about critical race theory. To be fair, it is Marxism for Dummies. It is not critical, because it never brooks any criticism of its own mindless musings. It makes race the only factor that has ever counted in America.  And it is not a theory, because it is too incoherent to have any theoretical heft.

Since it would never stand up to any scrutiny, it is imposed on children. In school they are being force fed CRT, because its practitioners cannot discuss or debate. Witness imbecile Ibram X. Kendi, whose works are now recommended for the United States Navy.

As for its provenance, a Marxist theory that divides the world into black and white-- easy to understand for the feeble minded-- and that sees blacks as the vanguard of a necessary revolution against the white capitalist order-- where have we heard that before?

In truth, it bears an uncanny resemblance to Black Liberation Theology, an offshoot of South American Liberation Theology, an unholy amalgam of Marxism and Catholicism, designed to overthrow the white Anglo-Saxon cultures that built North America and that made America and Canada far more prosperous than their Southern neighbors.

For the record, among America’s leading promoters of BLT is one Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Since America put Wright’s protege in the White House, BLT and BLM are basically the Obama legacy. 

BLM and BLT are the revolt of underachievers against overachievers. Where have we heard that before? Doesn't it bear an uncanny resemblance to the BHO notion that: you didn't build that.

These movements foment violence against whites, Asians and Jews-- and then blame it on white people. They happily excuse the underachievement of people of color and absolve them of all sins. For looting and pillaging through Manhattan, BLM supporters have been excused. That is, they will not be prosecuted.

Sadly, like the BLT promoted by Jeremiah Wright, these movements do not merely promote race hatred against America, against its symbols, against its founders, against its heroes. They tell the country that blacks are not loyal and patriotic, and thus are best not trusted. Obviously, this stokes antagonism and makes the goal of racial integration recede into the mist.

So, as Andrew Sullivan points out, (via Maggie's Farm) CRT is designed to brainwash children, to detach them from their roots in a great country and to infuse them with guilt. No one among the band of idiots promoting this theory has figured out that this will make children resentful and antagonistic:

The goal of education of children this young is to cement the notion at the most formative age that America is at its core an oppressive racist system uniquely designed to exploit, harm, abuse, and even kill the non-white. This can be conveyed in easy terms, by training kids to see themselves first and foremost as racial avatars, and by inculcating in them a sense of their destiny as members of the oppressed or oppressor classes in the zero-sum struggle for power that is American society in 2021.

Don’t work to achieve, because people of color have not gained as much success as Asians. Dare we say that the goal is therapeutic-- if you win others will feel bad about losing, so we must ban winning.

Worse yet, CRT proponents do not know how to think. They are trying to dumb the country down to their level:

For these reasons, CRT insists that what we have always understood as liberal education is, in fact, a lie, because liberalism assumes that we are all individuals, capable of reasoning with each other as equals, where, in fact, we are mere representatives of racial constructs which are part of a permanent struggle between the oppressors (white) and oppressed (non-white).

Sullivan identifies it as the liberal tradition, the tradition that fostered open debate and discussion. Since this tradition has now been identified as an instrument of white supremacy, it must also be overthrown. People who can’t think straight want to ban straight thought.

It is almost too stupid to consider, and would be ignored, were it not for the fact that it has invaded corporate America, the military and the school system.

The question is: what can a liberal society do when almost all of its educational, media, business and cultural elites have adopted an ideology that believes that liberal society needs to be dismantled? And the answer is: not much. Liberalism assumes that bad and noxious ideas will eventually be driven out by better ones. Banning illiberal ideologies like CRT makes us indistinguishable from the woke — who would ban any speech they didn’t like if they could get rid of the First Amendment (just look at what “liberals” are doing in Canada or Britain, for example, where they lock people up for resisting this ideology). Replacing CRT with crude, jingoistic versions of history or society is no answer either.

Sullivan believes that we should counter CRT with rational arguments. We are in sympathy with this approach. And yet, how do you argue rationally with people who disparage rational arguments. Better yet, who do not know how to argue rationally. And how do you present rational counterarguments when social media will ban you for disputing the current dogma?

It’s not just a culture war gambit. It’s a deep defense of our liberal inheritance. Once a generation grows up believing that there is no such thing as reason — just “white thinking” and “black thinking”; once it grows up believing that free speech is a device for oppression not liberation; once it sees our founding documents as cynical lies to perpetuate slavery and “white supremacy”; once it believes that no progress has ever been made in race relations, because the “systems” sustain unaltered “white supremacy” for ever, then we have detonated the foundations of a free society.

It is easy to give up. When all the major cultural powers in America — almost all media, every major corporation, every university, every industry, and, under Biden, the entire federal government — have succumbed to an ideology deeply hostile to Western civilization, and uses brutal tactics of smearing and firing and ostracizing to enforce its will, you can end up in despair.

But then, sad to have to say it, when your children are being brainwashed in school by people who are forcing them to think a certain way, you might also get angry. You might decide that you need to speak them in a language that the CRT crowd understands-- that being force.

Amazingly, the majority of the people in this country do not support CRT. And yet, the majority of people in this country did support BHO-- and most of them still love him. 

Sullivan seems overly optimistic if he thinks that America will overcome CRT with rational arguments. For the moment, we allow him his say:

But it’s important to remember: many of those people don’t really believe in this stuff; they’re just too frightened by a ruthless but tiny minority to do anything about it. And the American people as a whole do not buy this. A new YouGov poll found that Americans oppose CRT by a 58 - 38 percent margin, with a whopping 53 percent having a “very unfavorable” view of it. Yes, this is skewed because the subject has become ubiquitous on Fox News, and the MSM is doing all it can to downplay, dismiss or dissemble on the issue. But a full and wider campaign exposing it, protesting it, and defending liberal education will, I predict, win big majorities.


Anonymous said...

Today’s liberal arts departments are the enemies of the American Republic. The part of all this that is most concerning is that it is not through the evolution of ideas, but by sinister design. The universities (Leftist seminaries) are the laboratories, incubators and delivery system for this rot.

The Left destroys all things it claims to love. Therefore, it is clear they no longer value the academy — it is simply a means to an end. Save them the trouble and dismantle the universities on our terms. This is our battlefront. If they won’t engage in honest, liberal debate, hit them by anther flank — their greatest exposure.

Their soft underbelly is the government funding of student loans. This program is the source of skyrocketing tuition and the ATM machine that feeds unproductive “research” work and proselytizing (commonly called “teaching”). They know it, so the opposition will be vociferous. Yet it must be done.

nishdoogedacht said...

And IRT, BMT, and IND as well

Sam L. said...


BLM: Why are so many Blacks killing other Blacks, if "Black Lives Matter"?

IamDevo said...

CRT, BLM and BLT. Hmmmmm, is there a connection of some sort between them? Some common denominator that ties them together? (Thinking, thinking....) Say, is Charles Murray around? He's pretty smart. We could ask him.

Sam L. said...

For me, BLT is a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. YUM!!

markedup2 said...

dismantle the universities on our terms
It's happening. It took us decades to get to this point, it will take equally long to unravel the disaster that higher education has become.

This is the main reason I fully support parents educating their children however they please. Sure, you'll get some screwed up kids, but if all children are educated the same way (governmentally or otherwise) and that "way" goes sideways, you get A LOT of screwed up children. Better to just have a few - or even many, but all screwed up differently.

Mike Rowe is a hero.

Anonymous said...

markedu2 @ June 21, 2021 at 10:15 AM:

Or at least inevitably screwed-up kids on your terms, right? After all, it’s inevitable.

Then again, if all kids have to be pissed at is the Government, them maybe they’ll hate the Government — that ain’t such a bad thing, is it? Never gonna happen. Hatred needs a locus. A person (or pair of persons). “The Government” is too vastly distributed to be held accountable for… anything.

Mike Rowe is fantastic. We’re eventually all be working for skilled tradesmen. Can’t wait to turn the capitalist law of supply and demand on the cognoscenti.