Wednesday, June 9, 2021

They're Coming for Your Children

A man in Canada is currently sitting in jail because he refused to call his daughter by her designated pronouns. When he objected to his teenage son’s request to transition, the Canadian courts overruled him. They provided treatments that have mutilated the child forever and have imprisoned the father for objecting.

And you thought that Canada was a civilized country where citizen’s rights were respected. You probably thought the same of the United States. Increasingly, in many states you would be wrong.

The child mutilation movement, under the guise of mental health, can come for your child. Take the case of Syed, a bright autistic child in Seattle. As you might imagine Seattle is very woke. And it is increasingly acting as though the best treatment for a suicidal teenager is transitioning. That is biochemical and eventually surgical mutilation. Apparently, autistic children are especially susceptible.

Abigail Shrier reports for the City Journal.

At first, Ahmed (I have changed names in this essay to protect the identities of minor children) assumed there had been a mistake. He had dropped off a son, Syed, to the hospital, in a terrible state of distress. Now, the email he received from the mental health experts used a new name for that son and claimed he was Ahmed’s daughter. “They were trying to create a customer for their gender clinic . . . and they seemed to absolutely want to push us in that direction,” he said when I spoke to him again this May, recalling the horror of last October. “We had calls with counselors and therapists in the establishment, telling us how important it is for him to change his gender, because that’s the only way he’s going to be better out of this suicidal depressive state.”

It is beyond frightening that these licensed professionals would be drumming up business for their gender clinic. Does it not sound like human sacrifice? For another instance see the prior post.

How do these professionals manipulate vulnerable children?

Because of a Covid-19 policy, Ahmed could not stay at the hospital with his son back in October. Syed, in a sleep-deprived and confused state, furious at the parents who had admitted him, and in consultation with hospital staff and a social worker, decided that his problem was gender.

Of course, parents have no rights in Washington state. If the child is thirteen he or she can be transitioned without parental consent.

The age at which minors in the State of Washington can receive mental health and gender-affirming care without parental permission is 13. In other words, the emails Ahmed received from the hospital were effectively a courtesy; the hospital did not require Ahmed’s permission to begin his son on a path to medical transition.

So, Ahmed knew that he had a problem. So he consulted with a psychiatrist and a lawyer. They explained how to beat the system. In today’s America a parent has to go to extreme lengths to save his child.

The psychiatrist gave him advice that he believes saved his son, saying, in Ahmed’s words: “You have to be very, very careful, because if you come across as just even a little bit anti-trans or anything, they’re going to call the Child Protective Services on you and take custody of your kid.” The lawyer told Ahmed the same: “What you want to do is agree with them and take your kid home. When the gender counselors advise you to ‘affirm,’ go along with it. Just say ‘Uh-huh, uh-huh, okay, let’s take him home, and we’ll go to the gender clinic.’”

Ahmed took his son home and immediately moved the family out of Washington state. How is Syed doing today?

Following up on Ahmed’s family, I spoke with Syed’s therapist, an autism expert, to find out how he has been doing since moving with his parents and sister out of Washington. She confirmed what Syed’s father told me: Syed is no longer suicidal, nor does he believe he is transgender. As a 17-year-old autistic boy, he shows startlingly advanced intellectual development and in social realms, can seem quite childish: He’s doing advanced work in philosophy, she tells me—and also remains fascinated by his sister’s My Little Ponies.

Sadly, other states are equally appalling:

Lest you wonder whether there is some madcap elixir polluting the groundwater of Washington State alone, in 2015, Oregon passed a law permitting minors 15 and older to obtain puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries at taxpayers’ expense—all without parental consent. In 2018, California passed a similar bill for all children in foster care, age 12 and up. The California state senate is now considering an amendment to the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act that would bar health insurers from disclosing medical information to parents about their dependents, on pain of criminal liability.

So, they are coming for your children. Forewarned is forearmed.


Webutante said...

This is beyond appalling, Stuart. It's as if the state has become like the old horror movie, The Thing.

In the end though it is destroyed if we find and exercise whatever recourse is available. And the happy ending is encouraging. Thanks for posting.

370H55V said...

It would be useful to provide a list of "sanctuary" states from this kind of obscenity, but I'm afraid that list shrinks with each passing year.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

And we are all indebted to Abigail Shrier for courageously bringing this to our attention.

Tilcut Hassayampa said...

Way back in the 90's, I encountered a number of articles bashing the Catholic Church for the old practice of castrating boys (castrati) to sing in choirs. These articles were usually written by 'New Atheists'. The criticism was quite legitimate.

I don't see these articles any longer. Apparently, mutilating young people is now legitimate and encouraged.

Mark Matis said...
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