Saturday, June 12, 2021

Joe Biden Takes the World Stage

Count me among those who did not know what to make of it. British prime minister Boris Johnson opened the G-7 confab by expressing a wish that the West become more gender neutral and feminine. Well, team, you cannot be both neutral and feminine. 

One likes to think that Boris knows this. One likes to think that he was engaging in subtle mockery of the current Western embrace of self-sacrificial empathetic wokeness. Otherwise, one would feel obliged to conclude that he was suffering from uxoriousness, or, in the vernacular, that he is whipped.

One thing is certain, his statement was not uttered by an alpha male. 

But, that left the role of alpha male to Joe Biden.

Now, Vladimir Putin does not agree. He told an interviewer that Biden was indulging in macho posturing. Who would have guessed? Who would have imagined that world leaders are not buying Biden’s macho routine.

Speaking of uxoriousness, everyone has seen the ridiculous photo of Joe and Jill Biden, hand in hand, walking next to Boris and Carrie Johnson, also suitably hand in hand. It looked like a prom photo. It made them all look like children. Nothing about the picture suggested that any of them command any respect.

Nevertheless, the American media is drooling over it.

We must note that Biden is very good at photo ops. He wears aviator sun glasses, so he must be a tough guy.

We also note that he has not yet done a press briefing. Why do you think that that is the case? Perhaps his handlers are terrified that he might stray from his script, or be made to look senile next to intelligent world leaders. We will see whether he does one at any time during the meeting, or during his sit down with Vladimir Putin. If he does not, or if he does a mini-briefing on the way to the ice cream truck, that will tell us that he is cognitively impaired and has no idea what he is doing or where he is. If anything, Joe is clearly not in charge.

An amusing thought after last week's calamitous presentation of Vice President Harris. You see, since Joe cannot do telephone calls with world leaders, he has been leaving the task to Kamala. He even gave her responsibility over the migrant invasion at our Southern border.

You might have noticed that, for all intents and purposes, no one seems to be in charge of immigration policy. And surely you noticed that Harris herself could not make her way through the most perfunctory press briefing, filled with people who worship at her feet. She obviously has no idea of what she is doing, but, like her president, she is very good at appearances-- until she opens her mouth, that is.

Everyone knows and the American media has been hard at work covering up the fact that, to be very charitable, Biden’s best days are behind him. It is not a secret, except to the chronically misinformed American public. Could it be that Western European leaders are thrilled to see Biden because they know the truth: a country who elects someone whose best days are behind him is telling the world that its best days are behind it. If this is the best that a great democracy can do, it is no wonder that the world has decided, in large part, that it does not want to emulate American democracy.

The Washington Post reported this, yesterday:

Just 14 percent of Germans see American democracy as a desirable model for other countries, while 54 percent say that it “used to be a good example, but has not been in recent years.” Public opinion in France, Britain, South Korea, Japan and Australia is similarly bleak. In New Zealand, fewer than 1 in 10 citizens sees American democracy as a desirable model.

A sobering thought, that. Nevertheless, they know that the big bad Trump actually wanted them to pay for their own defense. With Biden, America will continue to pay to defend Western Europe. Obviously, his gives him some very good poll numbers.

To be fair, the survey also found that the world is happy to see Donald Trump out of office. But this allows us to question the cognitive faculties of said world. If democracy removed Trump from office, why does the world think that American democracy is not a desirable model.

I will not reflect in greater depth on what makes a model desirable.

So, what’s news out of Cornwall? Which means, how badly did Biden embarrass himself and our country?

Here are a couple of more tidbits, via Stephen Green of Pajamas Media.

For one:

Jack Posobiec reported:

That’s just for starters:

The same White House official also reportedly told Posobeic that a Labour Party member complained that “At least Trump was attentive,” and “says Biden can’t keep up with G7 events or follow note cards.”

The only sign Insanity Wrap has seen that Biden is on top of things is that he reportedly derailed a conversation Johnson wanted to have about the origins of the Wuhan Virus. Did it really escape from a Communist Chinese lab? Was it released on purpose in the first-ever incident of Global Biological Warfare?

When Johnson suggested a “possible US-UK led commission on COVID origins,” one with “no UN meddling,” Biden reportedly shut Johnson down to talk about “BLM in the UK and Pride month” instead.

Can't keep up with events and can no longer either follow his note cards. Makes you proud of American democracy, don't you think. And it makes you especially proud of the media that has been covering up the story.

Keep in mind, Biden stood on a stage a few days ago and declared bizarrely that the greatest threat the American military faces today is the weather. Yesterday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was obliged to correct the record.

But, at least Biden has the best smile that modern American dentistry can provide.


Anonymous said...

And yet know draft requirement for girls when they turn 18. Why is that? They are the equal and some would say the superior gender. They force through laws that allow them to dominate many/most institutions. Why not have a military that has more than 50% female??

IamDevo said...

No, no, no, the biggest problem facing the world today is climate change, don'tchaknow! That's what he said, literally, today. So, one can only wonder what the biggest problem to be surmounted tomorrow will be. I look forward with eager anticipation to the revelation, don't you? And all I can really think about is Adam Smith's claim that there is a great deal of ruin in a nation, and hope to God he was correct.