Saturday, November 13, 2021

Angela Merkel Did It

They might have chosen Margaret Thatcher as their role model for effective political leadership by a woman, but alas, the Iron Lady leaned too far right. So the feminist left has chosen Angela Merkel as their great political leader, the better to make the case for putting women in charge.

Surely, Merkel is a cut or two above Jacinda Ardern.

Anyway, among Merkel’s wondrous accomplishments we must count her closing down all of Germany’s nuclear power plants and her willingness to allow Germany to be dependent on Russia for natural gas. Nothing quite like caving to Russia to show how strong and powerful you are. And, of course, since Germany keeps running low on energy, it is obliged to buy coal- produced energy from neighboring countries.

One notes that French president Emmanuel Macron has recently decided to augment its nuclear power plants. Since France never closed its nuclear energy production facilities, its president is obviously several steps better than green Angela.

Needless to say, the greening of Angela Merkel has made her a hero to the feminist left.

And then there is the Merkel immigration policy. Serious and not so serious thinkers have declared it a great success. What could be better for Germany and for Europe than more Muslim refugees. The influx has become a defining issue in French politics. It has not yet reached the boiling point in Germany, but still, how stupid do you have to be not to notice that the Merkel open borders policy, followed by other European nations, is destroying the civilization.

Anyway, Paul Joseph Watson lays out some of the facts about the immigrant crisis. One notes that, as in Sweden, German officials believe that it’s just a messaging problem. If you do not label criminals by their ethnicity, you have less Muslim crime:

During an interview with Deutsche Welle, Merkel was asked if her infamous quote from an August 2015 press conference about Germany’s ability to absorb large numbers of refugees, “wir schaffen das,” which translates to “we can do it,” still applies.

“Yes, we did it,” she responded, adding that despite some setbacks, “positive stories” emerged from the policy.

To illustrate the absurdity of the claim, it was made shortly after a Syrian migrant stabbed four people on a high-speed ICE train.

That’s not all:

However, Merkel was forced to accept there had been some “dreadful incidents, like what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne,” a reference to when North African migrants sexually molested and raped around a thousand German women in one night.

“Since the migration crisis, Germany has experienced ongoing terrorism threats, terrorist attacks, rising sexual assault cases, and various other tragedies tied to the decisions she made in 2015,” reports Remix News.

“Just this year, a rejected asylum seeker from Somalia murdered three women in Würzburg with a knife, including one mother who shielded her daughter from the stabbing attack. Merkel never even commented on the tragedy.”

At a cost of tens of billions of euros to Germans, one can see little overall “positive” impact of the influx.

We all love anecdotes, but what do the crime data tell us?

As we previously highlighted, official crime data released by Düsseldorf’s Ministry of the Interior revealed that in the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, foreigners and migrants, who represent around 14.8 per cent of the population, are responsible for almost half of recorded gang rapes.

As Reuters reported, across the whole country, “Violent crime rose by about 10 percent in 2015 and 2016, a study showed. It attributed more than 90 percent of that to young male refugees.”

One particularly harrowing case involved Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of an EU official who was raped, murdered and dumped in a river in Freiburg.

Her murderer was Afghan migrant Hussein Khavari, who entered Germany as a refugee in November 2015.

In December 2017, another Afghan refugee, Abdul D, stabbed his 15-year-old German girlfriend to death because she broke up with him.

An investigation into the identity of criminal looters who exploited the chaos following the devastating floods in Germany also found that over 80 per cent of the culprits were migrants of non-German origin.

Crime is one thing. Terrorism is yet another:

German has also suffered numerous terror attacks carried out by migrants, including a 2016 truck attack at a Christmas market in Berlin, which killed 12 people and injured 56 others,

The culprit was a failed Tunisian asylum seeker.

After a Somali refugee went on a stabbing rampage that left three women dead in June, the Mayor of Würzburg reacted by writing an open letter expressing concern about the stigmatization of refugees and migrants.

The former director of Germany’s foreign intelligence service accused Angela Merkel of creating a “security crisis” in Germany as a result of her open border refugee policy, with authorities clueless as to the identity of up to 300,000 people in the country.

“We did it.” Angela intones. As often happens, the fallout from her calamitous chancellorship will be felt for years and perhaps for decades to come.


Suzannemarie said...

From March 2017:

The Merkel government has categorised the victims of Berlin terror attack as victims of traffic accident.

The Berlin Senate sent a bill to the relatives of victims - for the costs of court medicine. Including the threat of a debt collector in case of default of payment.

Sam L. said...

"Surely, Merkel is a cut or two above Jacinda Ardern." And she is???