Sunday, November 7, 2021

Dog Whistles in Virginia?

As you no doubt know, people with barely functioning minds have been out in force denying that Critical Race Theory is being taught in Virginia public schools. Evidently, Virginia parents thought otherwise, because there is only so much lying you can get away with before the light of reason exposes it all to be a fraud.

Obviously, anyone who follows Christopher Rufo knows full well what is happening in public schools. And also knows that we are not dealing with dog whistles-- though I am puzzled to hear anyone traffic in such a lame metaphor.

Anyway, Andrew Sullivan weighs in on the Virginia election, but especially on the charge that that state’s public schools do not teach CRT. He did the research so we didn’t have to:

And when the Democrats and the mainstream media insist that CRT is not being taught in high schools, they’re being way too cute. Of course K-12 kids in Virginia’s public schools are not explicitly reading the collected works of Derrick Bell or Richard Delgado — no more than Catholic school kids in third grade are studying critiques of Aquinas. But they are being taught in a school system now thoroughly committed to the ideology and worldview of CRT, by teachers who have been marinated in it, and whose unions have championed it.

Here is the evidence:

And in Virginia, this is very much the case. The state’s Department of Education embraced CRT in 2015, arguing for the need to “re-engineer attitudes and belief systems” in education. In 2019, the department sent out a memo that explicitly endorsed critical race and queer theory as essential tools for teaching high school. Check out the VA DOE’s “Road Map to Equity,” where it argues that “courageous conversation” on “social justice, systemic inequity, disparate student outcomes and racism in our school communities is our responsibility and professional obligation. Now is the time to double down on equity strategies.” (My itals.) Check out the Youtube site for Virginia’s virtual 2020 summit on equity in education, where Governor Northam endorsed “antiracist school communities,” using Kendi’s language.

If you need more convincing, here goes:

Matt Taibbi found Virginia voters miffed by “the existence of a closed Facebook group — the ‘Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County’ — that contains six school board members and apparently compiled a list of parents deemed insufficiently supportive of ‘racial equity efforts.’” He found Indian and South Asian parents worried about the abolition of testing standards, as well they might be. And at school board meetings, in a fraught Covid era of kids-at-home, parents have been treated with, at best, condescension; and at worst, contempt. Remember how the National School Boards Association wanted the feds to designate some protests from these angry parents as “a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes” — and then withdrew that request?

We also remember how quickly this nonsense was embraced by Attorney General Merrick Garland. And we even remember how Garland, when confronted with the NSBA withdrawal-- not to mention his son-in-law’s vested interest in teaching the garbage-- refused to renounce his call to the FBI to attack suburban mothers. This makes his actions intentionally hostile and expressly political, not inadvertent.

Among the biggest losers on Tuesday were the teachers’ unions. A more worthy loser we cannot imagine:

And during Covid, with nerves frayed by zoom-schooling, many parents have had their eyes opened about teachers’ unions. No surprise that one of the last campaigners for McAuliffe was Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers. At the AFT 2021 Conference, guess who was the keynote speaker? Ibram X Kendi! The other big teachers’ union, the National Education Association, has explicitly called for teaching children CRT, pledging to publicize “an already-created, in-depth study that critiques white supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy … capitalism … and other forms of power and oppression.” 

They back The 1619 Project as a teaching tool. So all the unions, the governor, the Virginia education department, the paper of record, and the federal government think CRT is obligatory for teaching children. But absolutely none of that ever, ever reaches into the classroom. Please.

Sullivan concludes:

In Virginia, the goal is not to make obscure CRT texts mandatory in a course curriculum; it is to filter all education first and foremost through the CRT lens of race and identity; to “interrogate” mathematics, literature, philosophy, and science not as fields of study, but as suspect products of “white supremacy”; to remember “positionality” before you even speak; to grade and discipline so as to remove any group differences; to abolish standardized tests, because there are different group outcomes; to end gifted education, because it’s allegedly racist; to hire and fire on identity grounds; to teach children that sex is not binary and can be chosen; to open restrooms and locker rooms to both sexes; and, most of all, to keep parents at bay and in the dark about all of it.

What has happened this past week, I suspect, is that the woke revolution has finally met its match: educated parents. People can tolerate sitting through compulsory “social justice” seminars, struggle sessions, pronoun rituals, and the rest as adults, if they have to as a condition of employment. But when they see this ideology being foisted on their children as young as six, they draw a line.

Thanks to Sullivan for laying out the issue clearly, so that we can all understand it.


Anonymous said...

CRT is an intentional effort to further divide people because divided people can be ruled over. Simple as that!

RKV said...

No one should bother with Sullivan given his track record. Wake the hell up.

markedup2 said...

Sullivan has flashes of rationality and sanity. Although certainly not enough of them that I feel the need to wade to through the drivel to find them. Or perhaps it is stopped-clock syndrome.

Erick Arnell said...

I thought it was the leftist cancel culture that had no room for redemption?

Stuart Schneiderman said...

My thoughts exactly... more on the topic tomorrow.

Sam L. said...

The teachers unions made their nest, and then crapped all over it. They did it with malice aforethought, and now they have to live in/with it. Couldna happen to nicer folks, but then, NICE they ain't!

And I await your thoughts of tomorrow.