Saturday, November 27, 2021

Joe Biden's Cognitive Abilities Unquestioned

Our mainstream media is continuing its serious work covering up for President Biden. It’s not just the long history of family corruption via influence peddling. The media is doing everything in its power to cover up the story of Joe Biden’s manifest cognitive decline. 

Of course, by now most citizens have seen enough of the Biden performance to have understood that crazy old Joe has lost more than a few steps. And yet, the media persists in covering up the truth. Or better, in refusing to address the issue.

But, it is not just the media. The medical staff at Walter Reed has failed to report accurately about Biden. 

As you know, Biden recently underwent a physical. He had a non-cancerous polyp removed from his intestine. And yet, as Congressman Ronny Jackson, former rear admiral in the Navy, physician to Barack Obama and Donald Trump, points out, the report is filled with “superficial fluff.”

One understands that Jackson is not merely a retired physician. He must have contacts at Walter Reed, with people who did not want to be part of the cover up. 

In a recent appearance on Newsmax, Jackson explained:

“Honestly, there were six pages of stuff that most people just don’t care about,” Jackson said, adding “I mean, you know, Dr. O’Connor spent six pages addressing like an occasional cough and some stiffness and things like that when the elephant in the room was the president’s cognitive ability.”

Jackson continued, “Over 50% of this country does not believe he’s cognitively fit to be our Commander in Chief and our head of state, yet that wasn’t addressed anywhere in there.”

One recalls the old days when the media was blasting out stories about Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities. They insisted that Trump was unfit for office and had to be removed, via the 25th amendment. When Trump did a physical, one that included a cognitive assessment test, his physician Ronny Jackson, stood before the press and answered questions. When Biden did his physical, no one answered press questions. And no one in the press thought the matter concerning:

“We set the precedent when we did President Trump’s physical. I did,” Jackson explained, further noting “The far-Left and the mainstream media were relentless in their pursuit of me to do something to address not only his physical capabilities, but his mental capabilities, which we did — we did a cognitive test. As far as I’m concerned, we set the precedent. And he should have had one done as well.”

Jackson added that “if anyone needs a cognitive test, it’s this president that we have right now. And I was really surprised to see there wasn’t any mention of anything like that in there.”

Why did they not do a cognitive test? Quite simply, Jackson said, Biden’t team knew that he would fail it. 

The Texas Congressman emphasised that Biden’s team “know that if they gave him a cognitive test, that he would have failed miserably, and then they would have had to explain that away somehow.”

Urging that Biden’s handlers “were doing it just to check a box,” Jackson added “Dr. O’Connor should have done what I had to do whenever I briefed President Trump’s physical, is stand up in front of the press in the press briefing room, and brief the physical. I was up there for an hour and 15 minutes answering every single question that the press had picking his physical apart. And instead what did we get? We just got a six page report and that’s the end of it. We’re supposed to just move on and play like everything’s fine now.”

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WELL!!!! OF COURSE NOT!!!!! Democrats, the Left, and the crazies and the media (but I repeat myself) would go bug nuts CRAZY if that were to happen.