Sunday, February 20, 2022

Banning Treatment for the Transgendered

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier. 

On the one hand educators are allowed, even encouraged, to brainwash young children into thinking that they can change their sex by changing their minds. It will surely count as one of the most appalling forms of child abuse that we have seen. 

And now, supposedly civilized countries have banned therapists from treating these children for what is called body dysmorphia. They have linked it to the bans on treating homosexuality-- which are usually called conversion therapy. 

Obviously, no one recommends trying to turn a homosexual into a heterosexual via therapy. And yet, as Aristotle so wisely stated, some people are homosexual by nature and some are homosexual by habit. That we should not try to convert the former makes very good sense. That the latter group might want, not to convert but to replace one habit with another, makes good sense. Why this should be prohibited, I have no idea. But, if we fail to distinguish between the two, we are doubling down on abuse.

As for body dysmorphia, it involves any condition where an individual has a view of his body that is grossly out of line with reality. A young man who comes to a physician and announces that his left leg is considerably longer than his right leg and that it needs to be amputated, above the knee, has normally been considered to be suffering from body dysmorphia. Should he be treated psychologically or should he be referred to a surgeon? 

Apparently, medical authorities in supposedly civilized countries have decided that if a child believes that he or she can change sexes by an acts of willpower or belief, a psychiatrist does not have the right to treat the belief. The psychiatrist is obliged to refer the child to a gender reassignment specialist who will put him or her on puberty blockers, cross sex hormones or surgical reassignment. 

Thus has officialdom inscribed human sacrifice into law.

We find this information in an article by Walt Heyer, in the Federalist. Heyer, for your information, was born male, transitioned to female and transitioned back to male. He has dedicated himself to the fight against the madness surrounding transgenderism. (via Maggie’s Farm)

So, Heyer reports on the nations that are leading the way in transgender follies. New Zealand, Israel and Canada have passed laws that ban psychiatrists from treating transgender belief as a psychiatric condition. Since transgenderism is a belief that has no correlation with reality one might say that it, as other forms of dysphoria, is a delusional belief, but that no longer matters. Having been made into a higher truth, it is no longer subject to question. Reality is what we can force everyone to say that it is.

He explains:

New Zealand passed a law on Tuesday banning talk therapy, often painted as “conversion therapy,” for patients who suffer from dysphoria about their biological sex. The law specifically targets therapy aimed at children, and threatens a hefty prison sentence for those found in violation.

The move follows Monday’s announcement of regulations banning gender-related talk therapy in Israel, which threaten to take away the medical licenses of therapists who buck the ban. Canada also outlawed such counseling effective last month, not only codifying jail time for talk therapists who try to help gender-confused people, but also threatening the freedom of churches and pastors to speak the Bible’s teachings about sexuality.

Talk therapy is standard industry practice for patients with general dysphoria, so why is it being treated as something barbaric when it’s used to help patients confused about their sex?

As for America, our very own psychiatric association has jumped on this bandwagon:

But in 2013, the American Psychiatric Association changed all that and declared that if dysphoria is related to gender identity, then look no further, skip psychological evaluation, and proceed directly to taking cross-sex hormones and removing healthy body parts. Their fact sheet advises: “People whose gender at birth is contrary to the one they identify with will be diagnosed with gender dysphoria.”

Consequently, in medical settings today, as soon as a patient mentions gender, most pediatricians, psychiatrists, and psychologists immediately diagnose the person with gender dysphoria and put the individual on a direct path to cross-sex hormones and mutilating surgery.

As I said, we are systematically mutilating children. It is a modernized version forms of child sacrifice. Horrifying, at the least. Surely, it signals a civilization that is self-destructing. If you were wondering why nations around the world no longer wish to emulate the Western cultural and political models, here is one place to start.

For his part Heyer seems to believe that gender dysphoria arises from childhood abuse, sexual and otherwise. Since people used to believe that hysteria arose from childhood abuse, we will reserve judgment. At a time when kindergarten children are taught that they can change their genders by changing their minds, one does not need the more appalling forms of children sexual abuse to produce a society-wide transgender mania. Brainwashing vulnerable little children ought to be prosecuted. And surely a five-year-old is susceptible to such indoctrination.

Besides, as we have been emphasizing on this blog, recent psychiatric studies have shown that most children who suffer sexual abuse manage to recover from it on their own. They possess sufficient resilience under normal circumstances to right the wrongs that were inflicted on them.

So, while we are all appalled at the current wave of madness infecting the mind of world psychiatry, we take exception to the causal connection maintained between childhood abuse and transgenderism.


Random Chance said...

Like so many aspects of science today, this subject has also been made into religious dogma by the cult. Neopaganism is on the rise and it will tolerate no other gods before it.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the controversy (stupidness) in the deaf community about medical cures for deafness. They object to it because they see deafness as something special and any outside interference as harmful to their "special" status.

DeNihilist said...

Just finished a long substack from a 23 yr. old woman who went tot he edge and, fortunately, returned before the mutilation stage. Very long read, but full of insights that most people may not be aware of inside the cult.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Thank you for the link to the substack piece-- it is well worth everyone's attention-- very well written and certainly harrowing.

ErisGuy said...

Day by day the bloody tides rises. Is it really worth it to check the level each morn?