Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Fidel Castro's Bastard Son

It takes a certain warp of mind to bring out this story in the midst of the standoff between Canadian truckers and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But, what is the purpose of the blogosphere if not to indulge mind warps.

This may or may not be true, but it seems plausible, at the least. It is not new, but Ann Barnhardt has looked at the evidence and concluded that Justin Trudeau is in fact the bastard son of Fidel Castro.

Tell me that that does not brighten your day.

Here is the evidence:

Pierre Trudeau started dating Margaret Sinclair in ARSH 1968 when she was 18 and he was the 48 year old Prime Minister of Canada. Margaret Sinclair was psychologically unstable and a sex pervert like Pierre Trudeau, who was also a closet Communist. Trudeau and Sinclair were “swingers” – perverts partaking in orgies, and Trudeau was an enthusiastic cuckold, enjoying watching other men fornicating with his fiancĂ©/wife.

Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair married in March ARSH 1971 and honeymooned in the Caribbean where they met up with their Communist idol Fidel Castro. Castro, like most Communists, was also a sex pervert and engaged in orgies and cuckoldry with Pierre and Margaret Trudeau ON THEIR HONEYMOON.

Nine months later in December ARSH 1971 Justin “Trudeau” was born.

Of course, if we do not have DNA to test the hypothesis we do have photographs. As most people know, children very often bear a marked physical resemblance to their fathers.

So, here are the photos. You decide.

If you wish to do further research, compare Justin to Margaret's husband, Pierre Trudeau.


jabrwok said...

What is "ARSH"?

JPL17 said...

Response to jabrwok:

I wondered the same thing, so I clicked on the Ann Barnhardt link in Stuart's post to see if she explains it. She does.

According to Barnhardt, ARSH is one of several Christian abbreviations demarking the eras before and after Christ. It stands for "Anno Reparatae Salutis Humanae", which is Latin for "Year of the Reparation of Human Salvation”. It's a loftier (and apparently archaic) version of "A.D." or "Anno Domini", which of course is Latin for "Year of Our Lord."

Apparently, Barnhardt uses "ARSH" as a prefix every time she lists a year falling in the A.D. era, which is why it appears in the passages Stuart quoted. See how we learn something new every time we read "Had Enough Therapy?"

See https://www.barnhardt.biz/2021/03/25/q-ann-is-the-arsh-prefix-you-use-ridiculous-did-you-just-make-it-up/

Anonymous said...

These protesting truckers are a real problem. They’re organizing their community. They’re inconveniencing people who are on the side of science. They’re protesting in a way that threatens lives because of the COVID. I mean, people who sit in their truck alone most of the day risk becoming superspreaders. They are targeting people because of their political beliefs. These truckers are so unfair.

Does any of that make sense? Does any of it sound familiar? BLM, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

What if we don’t want to be part of all this “togetherness”? What if we don’t feel “We’re all in this together”? Do we get to say so? Do we get to object? Do we get to submit our grievances? Do we get to peaceably assemble? Do we get to refuse?

We’ve all been told for over two decades that HIPAA is absolute, sacrosanct law. Now employers get to eliminate employees who make their own independent (and confidential) healthcare decisions. Regarding an experimental vaccine where the manufacturer has total immunity? A manufacturer who doesn’t want to have to show their data for… 75 YEARS? Really??? That’s who we are now?

By the way, 75 years ago was 1947… just to provide a little perspective. Anyone think things have changed since 1947? Just sayin’…

This is all occurring as remarkably dystopian. The 5Is look increasingly like Big Brother. Capitol Police spying on members of Congress? Cocaine Mitch calling J6 people “domestic terrorists”? Really? THIS is mainstream?

Sounds like a Castro-communist conspiracy to me… orgies and all. Although I wouldn’t want to be at an orgy with Drs. Birks or Fauci. Eeeeewwww…

jabrwok said...

@JPL17, thanks for the explanation. I looked at the article but not the links in the header.

Randomizer said...

Why are these people all freaks?

Justin Trudeau's eyes are distinctive and look like Castro's. And if his parents were with Castro at the right time, it sure seems plausible.

Chelsea Clinton doesn't look like Bill at all. She has that big fish mouth that looks like family friend, Web Hubbell. It's more obvious when she was young. I think she's had some work done.

Barbara Bush looks like her dad could be Aleister Crowley, who was partying with her mom at the right time.

When the wackos start Pizzagate conspiracy theories, sure they sound nuts, but the reality looks pretty crazy too.