Friday, April 8, 2022

Are Children Being Groomed?

For reasons that escape me, our once-great nation is embroiled in a debate about mutilating children. If you think that this is going to turn out well, it’s time for a rethink.

Apparently, some people believe that the use of the word “groomer” is divisive and offensive. From the people who routinely call their opponents Nazis, it’s a bit rich.

As for the evidence of the madness that has infected many of the nation’s best schools, we have the testimony of Megyn Kelly, from her podcast. (via Maggie's Farm) She had previously sent her children to the Collegiate School in New York City. New Yorkers know that Collegiate is normally considered to be among the very best private schools in the city, if not in the country.

We will see how long that will last.

Kelly talks about the way the school tried to turn her son into a girl. It was not subtle, and the brainwashing was relentless. She has since removed her children from the school.

Megyn Kelly slammed the transgender push on her third grade son at his former private school, calling it abuse, and said “it’s like they are trying to recruit” at schools, “it’s as if it’s recruiting ground.”

During Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast on Tuesday, the host talked to guest and Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan about how her son’s former New York City private school had pushed transgender issues on her son and the other kids in his class, asking them, “are you sure you are really a boy,” “you could possibly be a girl,” and here’s “how you’d become a girl.”

She said her child was told about taking “puberty blockers” and said he had never had “any of these issues.” It starts at the 40:35 minute mark here.

“They were saying this to his entire third grade class,” Kelly explained. “Third grade class. You could take puberty blockers and then when you get to be 18 you can have an operation to have your penis chopped off and build a vagina. And you’ll be a woman.”

One needs to mention a point that I reported some time ago. You cannot surgically turn a penis into a vagina. It is impossible. You end up with a situation that we will not describe on a family blog. Besides, we have already reported the testimony of one Leanne Mills who underwent the surgical procedure and who described the outcome. To say that this is gender affirming is positively insane.

Kelly explains what happened to her son’s third grade class:

“I mean this literally happened to my son’s class of 8 and 9 year olds and hence we are no longer at that school,” she added. 

“Which is one of the best schools in the nation … but it’s not. No, it isn’t if they are abusing your child everyday … But if they’re punching your child in the face behind the scenes you would see how abusive it was. Well, that’s what they were effectively doing. These are rhetorical punches in the face and they were everyday and they were everywhere.”

At some point, we need to know the names of the teachers who are foisting this on children.

Amazingly, the school has been defending the teaching:

The former Fox News host replied with what she said is the school’s argument for pushing gender ideology on kids — comments like, “Well, you know, your child’s going to kill himself if you don’t get more affirmative,” and, “Unlike you, we care about him, unlike you, we care about your child’s mental health and his well being.” That comes at the 46:16 minute mark.

“That’s really what they do to parents now when it comes to this transgender stuff and their justification for not looping parents in if a child under these enormous pressures starts to submit just to get people off their back and like, ‘Okay yeah maybe I’m a girl,'” the host shared.

“I mean truly it’s like they are trying to recruit,” she added. “It’s as if it’s a recruiting ground.”

Is it fair to call this a recruitment drive? I believe it to be so. Is it fair to call out schools for promoting child mutilation? I believe that it is. 

Amazingly, we heard the same nonsense from the White House recently. Press secretary Jen Psaki has bought into all of it, especially the gaslighting. We note that the terminology she used is a rank distortion.

The surgery and the other forms of mutilation are not gender affirming. They are affirming a delusional belief. As it happens, most children who believe this when they are young, because their teachers told them so, change their minds when they reach puberty. The urge to mutilate them as children derives from the fact that the schools and their groomers are horrified by the fact that they children might change their minds once they become adolescents. 

PSAKI: "Gender affirming health care for transgender kids is the best practice and potentially lifesaving."

The White House has determined that "gender affirming care" includes:

– Social affirmation

– Puberty blockers

– Hormone therapy

– Gender-affirming surgery

PSAKI: "Every major medical association agrees that gender affirming health care for transgender kids is the best practice and potentially lifesaving."

If every major medical association agrees that gender is merely a delusional belief then their leaders should be prosecuted. It is truly amazing that something as aberrant as the rage to mutilate children has taken over so much of the American mind.

We note that advocates and activists and groomers are hard at work ensuring that parents have no say in whether or not a nine-year old can be put on puberty blockers, that is, can be poisoned and mutilated with complete impunity.

And you were wondering why other nations around the world no longer look up to America and why they do not want American cultural politics to infect the minds of their children.


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