Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Twitter Homeless Shelter

Already, Elon Musk is making his mark on Twitter. Having become the largest single shareholder and new board member, Musk just sponsored a poll regarding the question: Should Twitter’s Silicon Valley headquarters be turned into a homeless shelter? His reasoning-- no one shows up in the office anyway.

How come you didn’t think of that?

The Daily Mail has the story:

New majority Twitter shareholder Elon Musk issued a poll to his millions of followers on the social media platform Saturday, asking if he should transform the company's Silicon Valley headquarters into a homeless shelter. 

In the post, Musk - who purchased a 9.2 percent stake in the social media giant earlier this week and was subsequently named to the company's board of directors - seemingly took aim at the company's lax remote working policies, saying he came up with the plan 'since no one shows up anyway.'

So far, the results of the 24-hour poll, posted at 9:30 PM ET by the billionaire businessman, suggests overwhelming support for the prospective undertaking - with 91.8 percent of more than 523,114 respondents voting in favor of the plan within two hours of its posting.  

More power to Elon Musk. We will keep track of developments.

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