Saturday, April 16, 2022

On January 6, "There Is No Crime"

No one is covering this story, so it’s worth a glance, at the least.

Now, famed attorney and retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, a man who showed considerable integrity during the Trump presidency, even to the point of defending the Trump side in the senate impeachment trial, has taken the case of a man who has been indicted for the January 6 capital protests.

You know well that the Democratic Party has been playing these protests for all they are worth. It’s far better than having to face the damage that their own supporters did during the George Floyd riotous insurrection.

So, Dershowitz is now representing a law student by name of Brady Knowlton, who has had his diploma withheld and is not allowed to take the bar exam-- because of what exactly?

The Washington Examiner reports:

Attorney Alan Dershowitz has taken on a Jan. 6 client after spending a year on the sidelines speaking out about government overreach and constitutional rights violations.

His deciding factor was the fact that one defendant was a law school student whose diploma was withheld and who has been prohibited from taking the bar exam because he has five counts hanging over his head from entering the Capitol.

According to Deshowitz, there was no crime committed by most of those charged on that day:

Dershowitz wasted no time in producing a narrated video of that infamous day, which resulted in 816 people being charged. Some of the footage is new, added to Justice Department clips released previously. It highlights what the officers were doing, stopping at key points to explain what is happening.

The video states that 250 protesters entered through a side door in the upper terrace and that Capitol police officers can be seen welcoming some of them. One of the visitors was Knowlton, who held up his cellphone to film the event. He went into the lobby, Rotunda, and Senate chamber before leaving.

The footage itself is silent, but the body language of the officers clearly tells the story, Dershowitz argued. He is demanding the release of audio under a federal law that requires prosecutors to turn over all exculpatory evidence to the defense.

“There is no crime. The police invited these people to come in and not do any damage and leave when they are told to leave,” 

Dershowitz said. “It seems clear from the pictures on the video that this is the message being sent. The audio will confirm what we see on the tapes.”

And also, from the Gateway Pundit, Dershowitz asserted:

He had a First Amendment right to protest the election and he was welcomed into the Capitol.  The policemen are seen in the videotape welcoming him in.  It’s not a crime to be welcomed into the crime after you’ve been waved in.  He didn’t hurt anybody.  He left when he was told to leave.  And there’s been a case that’s been decided just last week which suggests that if those facts are true, there is no crime…

Dershowitz has consistently maintained that a single standard should be applied fairly to people on the right and the left. So, he compared the January 6 protests to the BLM, Antifa protests:

… If they apply the same standards that they apply to protesters in the west– , Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and others who burned buildings, blocked access to the courts, and did real damage, none of these cases would be brought.  And you can’t have a double standard.  You can’t have one rule for the left and one rule for the right.  One rule for Democrats and one rule for Republicans.  The First Amendment doesn’t permit that.

We shall see whether the word of a single lawyer has any impact on the prosecutorial persecution of the January 6 protesters.


Anonymous said...

Democrats DELENDA EST!!!

IamDevo said...

"And you can’t have a double standard. You can’t have one rule for the left and one rule for the right. One rule for Democrats and one rule for Republicans." But that is precisely the case. And we know it.