Saturday, May 28, 2022

Do They Really Believe It?

If you would like a dose of optimism with the morning coffee, consider this question, asked by Matt Margolis (via Maggie’s Farm).

He asks: Does anyone really believe the ideology of transgenderism?

But really, does anyone honestly believe that men can become women or vice-versa? Honestly, I would say that while there are plenty of people who claim to be LGBT allies and just love to virtue-signal their tolerance with pride flags, masks, and stickers, only a tiny fraction of them genuinely believe that “men can get pregnant” or that “trans women are women,” etc.

If no one is really stupid enough to believe this, then what in the name of everything that is holy, is going on? 

Are people lying? Are they going through the verbal motions? Are they lying to themselves? 

And then there is the larger issue? Since transgenderism is a belief and nothing but a belief, one that has no basis in reality, how many of these who identify as transgendered really believe that such is the case? How many of them are getting caught up in the cultural maelstrom, and are taking actions that are designed to convince others and themselves that they are true believers? How many of them would rather have their bodies mutilated, than to admit that they have been duped?

No matter the case, this is an appalling part of today’s cultural reality. 


Anonymous said...

It doesn't bother me that mentally ill people think they are some other gender. I could care less as long as they don't harm other people. What bothers me is the agenda to harm anyone who doesn't agree with these delusions and advocate actively for them. THAT is criminal.

Anonymous said...

"He asks: Does anyone really believe the ideology of transgenderism?" I don't. And in the words of Mr.T, "I pity da fools who do".

Uncle Bill said...

This has nothing to do with believing in transgenderism, and everything to do with forcing you to obey. It is similar to Orwell's example of 2+2=5. It is so absurd that no one actually believes it, but you will be forced to act like you believe it to demonstrate that you have been completely crushed by those in power.

Anonymous said...

The STUPID is STRONG in these ones.